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Weird, crazy and disgusting fashion pops up every year and 2022 was no exception! With the rise of fast fashion, we’re seeing trend cycles shorten over time and microtrends dominate the fashion industry for a few months instead of a few years. And, when so many micro-trends are discovered almost daily, we see some not-so-glamorous fashion “no’s” make their way onto the runways, red carpets, and even into our homes.

Here’s a list of 2022 fashion trends we don’t want to see in 2023!

Hip cutouts

From Kendall Jenner to Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez to Olivia Wilde, several stars in the tinsel town have embraced the cropping trend and rocked gorgeous outfits this year. But when the trend got weird later in the year and hip-cut outfits became a thing, many pushed back.

And let’s be honest, we’ve seen cutouts in some of the most unflattering places, but hip cutouts are by far the most unflattering of them all, right?


Mega Fringe

Unless you’re into an exaggerated mop look, you won’t really enjoy flaunting the Hyper Fringe trend. And, we all like some fringe here and there, but in moderation. Designers who are going crazy with mega fringe outfits need to reassess.


Hip waders

We love ankle and knee high boots and now that winter is here we can finally show off our boot collection, but what’s really going on with the Hip Wader Boot trend? And if I may ask, why is it really a thing? These Hip Waders are oversized, loose, shiny, and everything we don’t love about footwear. They are difficult to match with clothes and look super uncomfortable.


Micro Minis

Diesel caused great controversy this year with his micro miniskirt, which looks more like a belt. And, this got me wondering, what purpose do these micro mini skirts serve? Unless you have a size zero figure, you can’t really wear them and they’re so hard to style with crop tops, which are all the rage right now. Plus, the trend certainly restricts movement and maximizes the chances of wardrobe malfunctions.



Girls in Toyland

This trend is literally for costume parties and we certainly don’t want it to come back in 2023. I mean who’s going to wear stuffed toys or blow-up cartoons as a dress or accessory? would you

This trend has appeared on several catwalks this year, including Moschino’s spring/summer 2023 show at Milan Fashion Week.


Large size puffer

Celebrities like Rihanna, Irina Shayk, Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Bad Bunny love to dress in giant coats and clothes, but many critics believe it’s a sign of fashion defeat. They hide the beautiful clothes you wear inside and give you a strange shape.



The Gingham fashion trend is to wear striped or checkered prints in white and contrasting color. This year they have been seen in various feminine and classic silhouettes from various luxury brands, but over time they have become a safe choice for people who are not too comfortable experimenting with different styles.


Oversized structured coats

Finally, can we banish oversized coats from the market forever? Celebrities wore them as dresses to premieres and red carpets this year, but it hasn’t motivated others to jump on the trend train and try it out, possibly because they don’t find it as flattering on both men and women.


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