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Walton Group introduces innovative television with American-invented fire-fighting agent technology

Dhaka, Bangladesh, November 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — At a ceremony attended by the German ambassador Achim DrosterThe Walton Group Bangladesh Thanks to a German invention – the electric bulb, the first television turned itself on from the inside.
Walton is the first manufacturer in the world to integrate the E-Bulb mini fire extinguisher from JOB GmbH in Ahrensburg into a television model for end customers. Over the next few years, more than half a million televisions are expected to be equipped with integrated fire protection.
E-Bulb, the world’s smallest fire extinguisher, protects medical technology and media technology from the catastrophic effects of electrical fires that start inside appliances around the world – and now private households can also benefit from the innovative extinguishing solution. It is installed directly on the television’s circuit board and extinguishes the fire before it spreads.

On the occasion, the German ambassador Achim Droster said during the celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of Germany Acknowledgment of Bangladesh Independence, the world’s first television with built-in fire protection invented by Walton was released.” In the past 15 years, of Bangladesh The economy has improved a lot. Bangladesh Now transitioning from a developing economy to a low-income emerging economy. One of the lighthouses of of Bangladesh Economic Development Walton. By making high-tech products like refrigerators and televisions, Walton is changing the image. Bangladesh and positively branding it to the outside world. “Walten continues the existing cooperation between German companies by establishing business relations and exporting television sets. Germany And Bangladesh,” explained Droster.
Markus Fiebig, Senior business development manager at JOB GmbH says: “Most electrical appliances are permanently powered – in standby mode. Mini fire extinguishers can increase appliance safety and prevent home fires.” Also Golam MurasuManaging Director of Walton Group and German Ambassador Achim DrosterHe published what is the world’s safest television October 12 Inside Bangladesh And reveals: “This is just the beginning. Other product ranges and home appliance manufacturers are set to follow.”

Background: Voltage fluctuations in the network and overloaded plug connections can, among other things, lead electrical devices to spontaneously ignite – despite the highest quality. According to the damage research institute IFS in Kiel, GermanyMore than 30% of all fires Germany Many fires are caused by electricity and start in electrical appliances. NFPA publishes similar percentages United Nations. In less developed countries, the number of electrical fires is even higher (short circuits cause 39% of fires). Bangladesh)

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