With rising inflation, the cost of buying a TV has come down | Bot To News

SALT LAKE CITY – As Utah consumers face the brunt of rising inflation, FOX13 News is starting to find something that isn’t more expensive now than it was a year ago.

That object is a television.

According to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor statistics, the price of televisions saw a 19% decline in August 2022 compared to August 2021.

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“There’s a lot of product now, which is good for consumers and keeps prices down,” said Todd Boothe, RC Willy’s vice president of merchandise.

Bhuthi has decades of experience in this field.

Many, he says, bought televisions when the pandemic began, realizing they would spend more time at home.

Manufacturers responded to demand, preventing shortages in supply.

Lower prices allow customers to stretch their dollar for better products.

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“TV companies want to keep prices down so customers will continue to buy them,” Boothe said. “You can buy a TV at a lower price than last year. You can get a 75” TV for the price of a 65” TV a year ago.”

He adds that bargain shoppers should pay attention now because many retailers offer holiday specials and offers in October, so don’t wait until Black Friday in November.

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