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In a world of celebrities as endorsers and influencers, Prime Video India has unveiled a first-of-its-kind ‘Bay’ to spread the word about what’s on the platform. We hear from Amazon and its new ambassador about what the partnership will entail.

Leading streaming service Prime Video has launched an innovation in India to build fandom by recruiting its first bae in the form of Bollywood star Varun Dhawan. Bae or ‘before anyone else’ is a term frequently used among GenZ and younger audiences often use to describe a best friend.

According to Prime Video India’s head of SVOD business, Sushant Sriram, the newly appointed Bae’s mandate is to “on an ongoing basis, increase fan engagement for shows between seasons and sustain the conversation among fans across the ages.”

In an exclusive chat with Drum Prime Video India’s Sushant Sriram and Varun Dhawan, they reveal what went behind the launch of Bae for the first time and how it fits into the brand’s strategy.

Behind the Bae launch, before everyone else

In the last 6 years of its presence in India, Prime Video has launched original series across its film lines and languages. According to Sriram, “Our shows and films become part of the cultural zeitgeist and drive pop culture conversations”.

In April this year, Prime Video announced plans to launch over 40 new titles in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu over the next two years through original series, original films, licensing deals and co-productions.

As the content board continues to expand, increasing engagement with existing and emerging audiences is critical, says Sriram. Thus, the idea of ​​hiring a celebrity as a close confidant came to build on this unique idea to give the platform’s various customers a look at what’s next in Prime Video and push the consumer engagement playbook.

Going beyond the traditional endorsement space with Bae

In a world full of celebrities as endorsers and influencers, Prime Video hopes to take the celebrity association into uncharted territory with this association. Shares Sriram: “Dhawan as the Bae will continue to bring its viewers updated information on its Prime Video content, helping to build and strengthen connections among the OTT player’s fans.

“For us at Prime Video India, unlike a traditional brand ambassador who comes for a while or for a specific purpose and then leaves, Prime Bay will take the association beyond the ordinary.”

According to Sriram, the choice of Varun Dhawan was not only because of his presence as an established young Bollywood star, but also because of his down-to-earth and friendly personality.

To build the buzz for the launch, a brand campaign has been launched with four films so far – the first two being about Dhawan’s journey and the origins of Prime Bay, while the third he has christened Prime Bay.

Brand films

Getting the bae-view from Varun Dhawan

Talking about his first collaboration as Prime Bey, an excited Dhawan tells The Drum, “It’s exciting and different from the usual brand ambassador assignment I’ve been doing, which is what inspires me to bring it here. My personality for this job”

He adds that in India we have already entered influencer-based marketing as opposed to traditional marketing, and such an innovation will help drive and build the intent of an endorser or influencer.

It is a constant challenge for any global brand to stand up for its global USP while remaining relevant to a local market. For Prime Video, a global company that positions itself as a local company with all its efforts and strategies launched to keep Indian consumers behind, globalization works both ways.

In some cases, shares Sriram, this includes co-creating and launching concepts like Prime Bay, a global first for Amazon, conceptualized and implemented in India. At the same time, many concepts have crossed borders after being successful in India.

Examples include the unregistered Amazon Original series ‘One Mic Stand’, which is being adapted in Germany, or the Prime Video Mobile Edition, which originated in India and has been rolled out across multiple countries, Sriram adds.

At the same time, its hit series ‘Modern Love’ launched in the US was recently localized as ‘Modern Love Mumbai’ and ‘Modern Love Hyderabad’.

Sriram concludes, Now with the launch of this first-of-its-kind association, the team aims to build a strong community of superfans, helping them continuously experience the inner world of platform content.

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