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It’s Day 2 of the Green Line Extension. In case you missed it, check out yesterday’s grand opening and what local residents and elected officials are saying about the five new stations.

The next time you’re watching TV at a bar or gym in Boston, you might notice a small change: closed captioning. Mayor Michelle Wu has signed an ordinance requiring businesses and other venues to play closed captioning on all public-facing TVs. For the hearing impaired, this is no small change; The new rules mean they will all have access to the same content as on public television.

  • Title rules apply where: Public businesses and facilities such as restaurants, bars, banks, hotel lobbies and gyms.
  • Where it is absent: There are exceptions for places of entertainment such as theatres, concert halls and sports halls. (People in large areas may request other accommodations subject to state and federal laws.)
  • Back story: The state of Maryland and a few cities have already established similar rules. Officials in Boston first floated the idea in 2020 after realizing that Covid press conferences and other important messages shown on TV were inaccessible to residents with hearing loss. Kristen McCosh, the city’s Disability Commissioner, said the lack of accessibility is a long-standing problem — but one that should be relatively easy to fix. “All televisions have the ability to run closed captioning for broadcasts, and cable and streaming services provide captioning, so it’s completely free for businesses,” McCosh said.
  • How will it be implemented? City officials are starting to reach out to local businesses to make sure they are aware of the rules. Residents can report violations to the city’s Commission on Disabilities.

A month after her election victory, Massachusetts Attorney General and Governor-elect Maura Healey today announced her first three appointments — including two of her current staff.

  • Matt Korskovich He will replace Michael Heffernan as Secretary of State for Administration and Finance. For more than a decade, Gorzkowicz held a similar role in the UMass president’s office, overseeing the institution’s $3.8 billion budget.
  • Kate CookHealy, who currently serves as first assistant AG, will be the incoming governor’s chief of staff.
  • Gabriel Viator, Healy’s current chief deputy AG, will serve as senior counsel. Healy also served as chief of staff in the AG’s office.

Alert: Dr. Anthony Fauci appears in Boston today. Edward M. Dorchester for his work during the period from the AIDS epidemic in the 1908s to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Kennedy Institute will honor the nation’s top infectious disease expert.

  • The institute also presents a posthumous award for inspirational leadership The late Boston Celtics legend Bill Russell.

Rep. Seth Moulton returned home after seeing firsthand how Ukraine is trying to fend off a Russian invasion. The Salem Democrats secretly traveled to Kiev as part of a bipartisan congressional delegation.

  • What did he learn? With neither country willing to focus too much on peace talks, Moulton told WBUR’s Steve Brown that accelerating U.S. military aid to Ukraine — especially anti-missile systems — is critical to deterring Russian attacks, especially those targeting energy infrastructure as the cold winter approaches.
  • Moulton emphasized further The domestic importance of rolling back Putin’s foreign offensive. “If he’s not stopped in Ukraine, he could go to the next NATO country. That means US troops will have to be involved,” he said.
  • Go deeper: Here’s a summary of NPR’s latest report on the conflict and what to watch for in the coming week.

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