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Stocking up for the holidays is expensive. That’s why many rely on warehouse stores where they can buy in bulk at low prices. Crowds flock to Costco and Sam’s Club to find the best deals. So, between the two, which store has the best deals? GOBankingRates looked high and low to find the best deals at Costco and Sam’s Club. Here’s what we found.

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Costco and Sam’s Club both have big savings on TVs right now. Costco’s most viewed deal is on a 50″ LG Glass TV for $299.99, which is out of stock online at the time of writing. However, the same TV costs $299 even at Sam’s Club and is currently in stock. Sam’s Club is offering a “December Savings” deal on a 65″ VIZIO TV with 4K Ultra HD for $779.00, $200 off the regular price. Costco doesn’t sell this exact TV but does have a 65″ Samsung 4K UHD QLED LCD TV (same specs as VIZIO) for $999.99.

Verdict: Sam’s Club

Not only is Costco out of stock for their best deal, Sam’s Club is offering the same deal (actually, it’s $0.99 less), and a variety of other TV deals as well.

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Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is always a hot holiday gift, and this year is no different. With the release of the Apple Watch Series 8, consumers are looking for where they can get the lowest price on a new gadget. Costco offers the Apple Watch Series 8 GPS for $349.99, but it’s currently sold out. Sam’s Club sells the same model for $389.98.

Verdict: Sam’s Club

Due to inventory at the time of this article’s writing, Sam’s Club is the only place between the two stores that has the new Apple Watch, so that makes it the default choice. However, Costco has a better deal on the new Apple Watch if it’s relaunching.


Many consumers use year-end sales to upgrade their mattress, and Costco and Sam’s Club have great deals. Costco offers a Novaform 10″ SoFresh Responsive Foam Mattress that goes from $339.99 for a twin to $499.99 for a California king. However, these prices are only available for a limited time. Sam’s Club doesn’t carry that exact NovaForm mattress, but they do have the NovaForm 12″ Advanced Back Support Responsive Foam Mattress, which starts at $469.98 for a twin. At Costco, the same mattress starts at $479.99. Both Costco and Sam’s Club offer their own mattresses. Costco’s Kirkland brand mattresses start at $899.99 for a queen (limited time deal $200+ off), while at Sam’s Club, you can get a Member’s Mark brand queen mattress starting at $399.00.

Verdict: Sam’s Club

They won this because of the cheaper prices of Sam’s Club in-store brand mattresses.

Cooking ware

Any chef on your shopping list will love a new set of high-quality cookware, and Costco and Sam’s Club always sell these. Currently, Costco is selling a 12-piece heavy-duty hard-anodized aluminum cookware from its Kirkland Signature brand for $149.99, while Sam’s Club has a 15-piece hard-anodized aluminum cookware from its Members’ Mark brand for $119.98.

Verdict: Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club offers more pieces in its members’ brand cookware at lower prices than Costco.

Apple iPad

The 10th generation iPad is out, and both Costco and Sam’s Club have it in stock. It can be had for $389.99 at Costco through Christmas, without cellular service. A new iPad at Sam’s Club will cost you $439.00 – and without cellular service.

Verdict: Costco

Until you get your iPad before Christmas, you’ll save money by shopping at Costco.

Calendar for visits

An advent calendar makes the days leading up to Christmas a little more joyful, with a gift you open every day. Costco’s cheapest advent calendar is the Grinchmas Hot Chocolate Mix Advent Calendar for $24.99. That’s $12.50 per calendar. At Sam’s Club, the Minas Craft Brewery Variety Pack Advent Beer Calendar is your most affordable option, giving you 12 beers for $12.51. If you don’t drink, a cheaper option is the Mickey & Friends Advent Calendar, which comes with 12 ornaments.

Verdict: Costco

Although the prices are close to this price, Costco comes in a bit cheaper and is definitely a crowd pleaser than chocolate beer or Mickey Mouse ornaments.

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