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Buying a TV can be a big investment, and one that can result in a wonderful viewing experience – but it’s all too easy to buy a poor-quality set that will leave you disappointed. Our private testing will save you time and money. Best Buy TVs Consider instead.

Join what? Find out which TVs we’ve labeled a no-buy.

What if you don’t buy a TV?

If all you want to do is binge-watch the latest BBC drama or Netflix series, some TVs aren’t up to the task – and our testing found price and brand aren’t always indicative of quality.

Don’t buy TVs Some of the best buys we test are often pricey, so while a cheap, big-screen TV might be tempting, it’s vital to do your homework first.

which Don’t buy TVs in our test that have poor picture and sound quality, lack key features and connections, or have difficult-to-use menus and fiddly remote controls. We’ll help you avoid wasting your money on TV that could ruin a great night out.

How we test TVs

We test hundreds of TVs a year from all the major brands Samsung, Panasonic, LG And Sony. We go further than anyone else, so you can be sure you’ll find the best television at the right price for you. Here are the best TVs you can buy — and some to avoid.

  • Whether it’s a standard definition broadcast TV or a high-quality 4K stream, our expert team has reviewed every detail of what’s on screen to find the best TVs. We also reveal our best picture settings for each TV in each review, so you can get the most out of your set.
  • Every TV should be as easy on the eyes as it is on the ears. Testing everything from simple conversations to booming soundtracks, we found TVs with rich, full-bodied sound and weeded out TVs that were harsh and sharp.
  • From how easy it is to set-up to how well-equipped the remote is, we’ll test what each TV can do with use. We look for intuitive menus and responsive navigation so it’s as easy as possible to find what you want to see.

A new TV will bring new life to your favorite movies and TV shows. Make sure you don’t leave the disappointment of not buying.

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