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Enjoy Prime Video content with friends regardless of your current location

Although ideal, it is not always possible to create weekend plans at your friend’s house to check out your favorite movies in theaters with friends or enjoy TV shows on the best streaming devices. Several browser extensions (like TeleParty) let you watch TV shows and movies with friends in different locations, and Amazon has created a solution called Watch Party that integrates with Amazon Prime Video. Here’s how to use Watch Party on your Fire Stick or other supported devices.

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What is Amazon Prime Video Watch Party?

Amazon Prime Video Watch Party is a Prime member benefit that lets you stream thousands of movies and TV shows online with friends. You can become a host and invite others to join your watch party and watch TV shows together from different locations. A chat menu also enables you to discuss how amazing the opening sequence of Watch Party is and other details about the movie scenes.

What do I need to use Prime Video Watch Party?

You can invite and chat with up to 100 friends in a Prime Video viewing party. All participants must have an Amazon Prime or Prime Video membership to start or join a Watch Party. Both are available with a 30-day free trial. If you don’t want to continue your Amazon Prime subscription or it’s not worth enough, cancel the service before the due date.

To participate in a watch party, team members must be in the same country as the host. For example, if you’re in the US, you can’t join a watch party started by someone in the UK, and vice versa. Prime Video will show an error message if you try to bypass the restriction using a VPN.

What can you stream on Prime Video Watch Party?

In addition to Amazon Originals Jack Ryan, who put me, My spy, Dirty dancers, Vikings, and other Prime Video titles, you can use Watch Party to stream content you can buy or rent with friends. The host cannot buy a title and stream the same with everyone in a viewing party. Both hosts and participants are required to purchase or rent titles individually. Watch Party is not available for live events such as Prime Video channels, FreeVee and TNF (Thursday Night Football).

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What devices work with Prime Video Watch Party?

Watch Party is available through the Prime Video app on multiple devices and platforms:

  • Fire TV accessories
  • Android phones and tablets
  • iPhone and iPad
  • fire pellets
  • Desktop web browsers except Safari on Mac

How do I host an Amazon Prime Video viewing party?

Unlike third-party extensions, you don’t need to download anything to get Watch Party on your Amazon account. The option appears when you open a movie or TV show info menu. Once you meet all the requirements and get an eligible device, follow the steps below to test how Amazon Prime Video Watch Party works.

  1. open Amazon Prime Video On any suitable device. We use the Prime Video website in the screenshot below.
  2. Enter a movie or TV show title in the search bar (it looks like a zoom).

  3. open up Movie information menus.
  4. Click Watch the party option (represented by a commemorative icon).

  5. Enter your (host) name and select Create a watch party.

  6. Select Share the link.

  7. Email the Watch Party invite link or post it on Facebook or Twitter. Or, copy the link and share it with your group of friends on WhatsApp or Telegram.

  8. go to details Menu to check the number of participants joining the watch party. Once everyone is together, choose play button to start the video.

  9. go to have a chat Menu to start a conversation with friends. You can check all Watch Party live updates, such as added, skipped, paused, or forwarded videos in the same chat menu.

  10. Click End the watch party Confirm your decision when and if the movie or TV show ends.

How do I join the Prime Video Watch Party?

Once you receive an invitation link to join a viewing party, click it to watch Prime Video on the web. You must sign in with your Amazon account credentials to join the Watch Party.

If you plan to attend on mobile, the Watch Party link prompts you to download the Prime Video app to your phone. Mobile users should join the watch party through the native app instead of using a web browser for an ideal experience. The service will ask you to enter a username to use in the chat menu.

Grab your popcorn and let the Watch Party begin

If you’re using Amazon Prime Video Watch Party on Android, you’ll need to go through a workaround to rent or purchase content within the app. Go ahead, use the steps above, and watch Prime Video content with friends in different locations.

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