What exactly is Revenge Fashion? | Bot To News

When it comes to defining revenge fashion, no one could put it into words better than Rihanna. “Anytime a man cheats on you or mistreats you, you need a revenge dress,” the singer tells Vogue. And no one could reference this definition better than the OG of revenge dressing: Princess Diana. In June 1994, Lady Di broke royal protocol at a party at the Serpentine Gallery by wearing a black off-the-shoulder gown designed by Christina Stambolian, flaunting her beautiful collarbones and toned legs. This LBD, too daring for royal standards, immediately made headlines.

“We call it the ‘revenge dress’ [because] she wore it the same night Prince Charles confessed to his adultery with Camilla,” said fashion auctioneer Kerry Taylor. Under normal circumstances, a husband’s TV interview about his handkerchief would draw all the attention while the betrayed wife wept. in her bedroom. But that wasn’t the case with Lady Di. Instead of hiding, she showed up in a smashing LBD. Her wind-blown pixie hair added a sweet touch to the look. Her eyes sparkled with pride, not tears without spill. And her disarming smile made more front-page headlines than her husband’s clouded expression when he told the world he didn’t love her. Altogether, her statement of revenge overshadowed his heartbreaking confession. That’s exactly what what revenge fashion is all about: using fashion to make a message out of a romantic mess.

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