Wet stretch of weather begins Tuesday | Bot To News

  • Winds picking up tonight
  • Rain advances Tuesday night
  • Switch to winter cliff on Thursday

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – The system we’ve been tracking for the past few days will begin moving toward southern Wisconsin tomorrow. Before tonight skies will remain cloudy and winds will begin to strengthen from the southeast.

We will wake up to dry conditions Tuesday morning and should stay dry for at least the first half of the day. Winds will continue to build in strength as warm fronts approach, gusting up to 40 mph at times. The warm front will begin to move during the afternoon and evening, bringing with it showers. Temperatures will be warm enough for rain in southern Wisconsin, while snowfall and wintry mixes are expected in northern Wisconsin.

The rain will be widespread Tuesday night through Wednesday morning, before dispersing through the day on Wednesday. Wednesday’s highs are expected to be in the 40s to 40s which will keep the precipitation as rain. However, that will change as we move towards Thursday.

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Cold air will enter the rear of this system as it moves east. We will see increasingly cooler temperatures through the day on Thursday, allowing any precipitation to fall as a wintry mix or light snow. We could see some of this linger into Friday morning.

Snow accumulation is expected to be minor locally, there is a chance of an inch or two in our northern counties by Friday. However, the roads could become slippery as temperatures drop on Thursday. The cooler air appears to linger through the weekend and into the start of next week.

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