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Maidin Mhaith, Ulster County.

At 5:55 this morning, December 10, the weather is 24 degrees, it hurts to breathe. The grass, stiff from the long, cold plunge of the night, holds like steel wool underfoot.

Some heat will arrive with the sunrise from 7:14. The moon will set behind the Catskills to the west at 9:44 a.m.

Throughout the day the temperature seems to rise to around 37 degrees.

In anticipation of sunset at 4:26 p.m., the temperature begins to drop again after 3 p.m.

Low tide bottoms out at 8:45 am

For the mountain forecast, we now go to Bjorn Jorgensen on Belleayre Mountain.

Bjorn, how’s your sprained ankle? Have you reached the summit this morning?

Bjorn: With some stubborn difficulty and a frank admission of my condition, I used a gondola. I have just returned to a steaming cup of Rooibos. Karl and I wait together for the snow. I also have a telescope next to me to keep an eye on.

Juan: Oh yeah. Your snowman. Is the weather preserving it, then?

Bjorn: “Yes, it’s minus five degrees Celsius at the summit, and Karl is very pleased with himself. He has been outfitted in an old bowler hat set at a jaunty angle and smokes an elegant meerschaum pipe with a fox carved on it. I think he must still need a monocle. But yes, the snow will fall tomorrow, and I hope Karl grows taller.

Johannes: However, all this time the snow cannons have been making their own snow. So should you expect a lot of skiers this weekend?

Bjorn: The snow cannons are dusting frozen water and spraying the air in great bursts.

Johannes: All the better for covering the slopes for weekend skiers, Bjorn.

Bjorn: It’s child imitation in the grand scheme of things and it doesn’t satisfy me. Johannes, when they have learned to bind the clouds on the mountain and make them snow, even then…

Johannes: It goes against nature, right? Well, they’ve already found a way. The scientists spray the clouds with silver iodide and force them to rain.

Bjorn: So I’ve heard. There will also come a time when they will use drones. Evil looking wasps buzzing through the cotton. And in some ingenious way they will have tried to chain the clouds to tree stumps, thus interrupting their travels. I can imagine it, Johannes. Every ingenious invention further diminishes the poetry of nature.

Johannes: I understand you, Bjorn. How to celebrate a mass in Latin to English. Understanding makes the mystery smaller.

Bjirn: There is a woman walking up the slope with ski poles. She seems quite dedicated…. Well, if necessary, to feed the clouds, I’d prefer them without chains, and an employee to go between them in a hot air balloon, dropping big handfuls of the silver iodide which I imagine looks like glitter, or metal shavings. . Moving from cloud to cloud, taking care of them with consideration.

Johannes: You have created cloudfarmers, Bjorn. Aware of their transitory herd.

The clouds in the sky are pushed south by a northeasterly wind blowing at eight knots.

For those with vessels still out of dry dock who are brave enough to brave the river’s biting wind, a high tide of three feet nine inches arrives at 2:35 p.m.

The moon will also rise again in the east, somewhat diminished compared to last night’s height at 6:22 p.m. but will appear highly exaggerated due to its proximity, two hours after sunset.

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