Tuesday will be sunny and cold before the midweek coastal storm | Bot To News

Skies are clear over the Delaware Valley for a chilly Tuesday ahead of an upcoming coastal storm.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be days of calm weather, as forecasters keep an eye out for inclement weather.

The storm will begin to form early Thursday morning and will spread precipitation ahead of a low pressure system. The storm will get some of its power from a blizzard in the Midwest.

FOX 29’s Sue Serio says the coastal storm will bring mostly precipitation to the north and west of the city, but the mountains could see snow.

There could also be a mix of rain and snow on Thursday morning before conditions change to just rain.



TUESDAY: Sunny, cold. High: 42, Low: 26

WEDNESDAY: Sunny, cold. High: 42, Low: 27

THURSDAY: Mixture-rain, wind. High: 44, Low: 30

FRIDAY: Rainy, more temperate. High: 50, Low: 43

SATURDAY: Stormy, cold. High: 43, Low: 33

SUNDAY: Hanukkah begins. High: 39, Low: 28

MONDAY: Sunny, cold. High: 42, Low: 29

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