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4Weather warning – Today a big storm is brewing in the center of the country, and it will grow to the south and west without affecting our weather yet.

Skies start out mostly cloudy and conditions are dry with temperatures in the mid 30s and above. Wind chill is not a major concern, but it will feel about five degrees cooler with a light northeasterly breeze.

We should be in better shape for your morning commute compared to yesterday when the streets were wet and conditions were thick. Be safe and enjoy another decent day.

The storm in the south will not be a problem for us today as it will bring stormy weather south of the Ohio River. There is another storm coming out of the Pacific Ocean and heading inland, and this will not be a concern for us today either.

These two systems will join tomorrow to bring chances of rain and snow.

Our Thursday in Metro Detroit will be similar to what we’ve seen all week. In the battle between the clouds and the sun, the clouds will win for most of the morning. We expect some breaks in the clouds later this afternoon, but not enough to allow our temperatures to warm up.

We will likely only hit the mid 40s to highs with cool, manageable winds moving ENE at 5-10 mph.

Sunset tonight is at 5:01 pm

Snow/rain Friday

Friday is a hard weather day to nail down, although we should start the day with mostly cloudy skies and temperatures in the 30s.

There will be heavier showers and thunderstorms flowing just south of us, and decent snow moving our way from the High Plains. Metro Detroit does not appear to be a direct target for either storm, but we will start to see rain and snow during the lunch hour on Friday.

Some computer model data suggests all snow and no rain for several hours in our area. A few inches of snow may accumulate on the grassy areas during this time, but not on the streets due to air and surface temperatures in the upper 30s.

It should get pretty muddy and potentially dangerous for your Friday afternoon and evening rides.

There is a very good chance that we will see some rain mixing in, which all but eliminates the snowpack. Right now, it looks like easterners closer to Detroit will get more rain and snow mix, and likely less than an inch of snow.

Starting the driest weekend

The winter mix should come to an end early Saturday morning, which means we start our weekend on the dry side. Skies will remain mostly cloudy, with highs only reaching the low to mid 40s, unless we see a little more sun.

We have another disturbance going through Pure Michigan, either Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

More wet weather on Sunday

The precipitation on Sunday morning will be another rain/snow event, which will not last all day.

Plan for a wet first half of the day before the moisture wears off, leaving mostly cloudy skies and above that mid 40s. There is a chance of another inch or two of snow in places that see mostly snow on Sunday.

preview of next week

Next week doesn’t look very active, but it doesn’t look too different from the weather we’ve had for most of this week. Looks like 30-40’s with more clouds than sun and light rain and a chance of snow here and there.

It’s a little early to trust the computer model data so far, but right now we’re seeing a wintry mix Tuesday night through Wednesday with some light snow possible next Thursday as well. Don’t dwell on that just yet, as we’ll keep you well informed.

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