This week’s WEATHER: where is the sun? A white Christmas? | Bot To News

It’s been like Mordor here for the last week plus in Tennessee. But, sometime today, we hear that the sun will appear for a moment! Does this mean the rain is over? No. He’ll be back Tuesday afternoon.

And with 2 weeks to go until Christmas… the burning question is: Will there be a white Christmas?

Since 1884, central Tennessee has seen more than 20 Christmases with a trace of snow.

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A couple of long-range models are currently showing a chance for bursts at least for Christmas Eve. One thing both models seem to agree on is that it’s going to be a cold Christmas right now. We’ll continue to update as we get closer, but for those dreaming, cross your fingers.

As for this week: Looking at some sun today, showers with winds returning Tuesday through Wednesday with gusty winds, and then by Thursday, we’ll see sun for a few days. But, also, bring temperatures down to more seasonal levels. Your last shopping weekend right now seems cold, but sunny.

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