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It’s not too late to grab great deals on holiday gifts.

“There are actually a few days in December where you can actually get better deals than you can on Black Friday,” says Kyle James from Instead-Be-Shopping.

He’s been tracking December sales for nearly two decades and finds that there are specific dates throughout the month to find deep discounts on certain items.

On December 10, expect discounts on laptops and toys, according to James.

December 12- 15 Sale good on video games and gaming consoles.

December 14 is “Free Shipping Day.” While many retailers ship your items for free through Christmas Eve. They often combine it with deals on clothes, shoes and kitchenware.

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James says you can save even more money by looking for coupon codes that can be used at check-out. “RetailMeNot. They have a good app. You can search for a particular store at checkout and always try to find that coupon to add on top of that,” says James.

James says many stores continue to cut prices in the lead up to Christmas, so it’s worth the wait, but hot toys and video games may sell out. “If you see a good deal at a good price, you might want to snap it up. If you wait, you might end up going on eBay and spending more than you should,” says James.

Retail experts say deals are still in place after Jan. 1 when stores cut prices to unload inventory. Retailers often offer deep discounts on televisions in late January and early February.


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