The TikTok scarf guy is the latest in viral fashion dupes | Bot To News

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“It’s that time of year, we need to go scarf guy,” says TikTok user Kimberly Quiros in her trending video.

Manhattan is one of those places where there’s always a trinket to buy, whether it’s a fisherman hat, a license plate fridge magnet, or a dazzling t-shirt. But TikTok settled on one particular position: the man who sells winter accessories on the corner of 38th Street and Seventh Avenue.

For $15 to $20, TikTok users announced, you can buy a big, soft, knotty scarf in colors that are dead-on shades for the season’s viral designer item, the Acne Studios Plaid and Fringe Scarf I saw in my sources. dozens of times. It’s a dupe that gives the overall feel of the $280 item, but with lower quality and no need to dip into your savings account.

“I don’t want to travel to the city for a scarf,” commented one user. “Used 2 jobs at Starbucks in front of their booth and got the best,” said another.

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