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Most digital stylists balance their metaverse clients with real-world gigs. Michaela Leitz-Aslaksen, for example, runs a plus-size styling business in the real world, but decided to start selling her services as a metaverse fashion stylist after spending time in the 3D virtual world Decentraland, where her outfits received the compliments from strangers

Another stylist, British reality TV fashion maven Gemma Sheppard, made the leap to styling people in digital spaces after her goddaughter asked her to buy a $60 pair of sparkly shoes for her Roblox avatar ago three Christmases

But not every stylist in the metaverse started out doing a real version of the job. Svoboda spends her days designing clothes and digital accessories on Roblox, where her unique fashion sense has turned her into an it-girl. People are lining up to pay to learn from her.

Being a metaverse fashion stylist isn’t currently a gig that can pay all the bills on its own. Leitz-Aslaksen says metaverse style accounts for about 20% of her income in a good month, and both she and Sheppard juggle multiple real-life jobs.

They say it’s still worth it, because the job offers the unique opportunity to work in a new environment and learn new skills. Leitz-Aslaksen launched her metaverse styling business a couple of years ago, meeting with clients on Discord, a chat platform popular with gamers. He designed lookbooks to help them dress their avatars on platforms such as Decentraland, DressX and Auroboros.

Your customers get an expertly crafted outfit; she receives $49 in cryptocurrency. For Leitz-Aslaksen customers, it’s worth the money. “People say, ‘I want to try crazy things,'” she says. “And I love that.”

Svoboda is primarily a creator who designs clothing and accessories for Roblox avatars, but she has also started styling customer avatars and is meticulous about figuring out how to do it.

“We have to trial and error,” she says. Svoboda often reviews users’ outfit history, asks who their favorite artists and influencers are, and then creates looks that fit their aesthetic.

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