Thanks to Golden Packs, Magic Arena’s economy is no longer lousy | Bot To News

“Play draft.” This used to be standard advice. If you were looking to get value for money out of Magic: The Gathering Arena, buying recovery packs was for the naive. Instead of dropping 1,000 gold on a pack of eight random cards, you’re better off paying 10,000 gold to sign up for a draft event. There, you and seven other players picked one card at a time from a rotating selection, each building a 40-card deck to play against the others (while also rocking any rares that caught your eye) .

In addition to keeping all the cards you picked, you’d also earn rewards—both Arena’s premium gem currency and booster packs—for every match you win in the event. Maintaining a win rate of just over 50% will give you the best possible value in Arena, according to long guides and Arena economy analysis (opens in a new tab).

The goblin examines the mysterious cube

(Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

However, not everyone likes to play draft. It’s a solid time commitment and is better if you already know the set. Third-party extensions such as Untapped Companion (opens in a new tab) and MTGAsistant (opens in a new tab) include draft assistants that recommend card picks and explain potential synergies, and journals to ensure you don’t pick cards you forgot you already had. The popularity of these apps shows that I’m not the only one who finds the process a headache. I’ve never been into deckbuilding under time pressure – it’s a stress I don’t need just to feel like I’m getting the most value out of a game that’s supposed to be fun.

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