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According to the latest forecast, parts of Northwest Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland could see temperatures rise this week as heatwaves hit the country, the report said.

Residents in areas where heat waves have been reported should stay updated with weather reports, including heat wave advisories.

However, residents can expect cooler weather starting Friday.

Australia heat wave

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Australia heat wave

Heat waves can occur due to breaks in the monsoons, allowing for drying and uncomfortable heat.

A weather report published in the Guardian on December 6 showed parts of Australia could expect warmer temperatures as heatwaves continue to unfold.

According to a report by the Guardian, meteorologist Domensino explained that he found that warm air formed in the northwest and continued to move east.

This could lead to temperature concerns of 5C to 6C, the report added.

Parts of the Northern Territory (NT) and Queensland can expect a possible heat wave, which could turn severe or extreme depending on conditions, the report added.

Residents of affected areas should seek cooler areas to mitigate the effects of heat waves.

The forecast said parts of northern WA could record 47C this weekend. Meanwhile, parts of the Northern Territory can expect 44C or 45C.

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On Sunday, residents of western Queensland could feel temperatures of up to 40C.

Heat waves

Many residents of northern Australia can expect uncomfortable heat waves and weather, with prolonged exposure to severe or extreme temperatures causing health concerns including stroke and fatigue.

Monitoring the weather for the impact of heat waves is the best way to help you and your family prepare.

As the Christmas season approaches, heatwaves in Australia may affect outdoor activities. Weather monitoring is always best for natural disasters and extreme heat waves.

Here are some important reminders during heat wave events:

Check the weather

Severe heat waves can affect outdoor activities, including outdoor exercise. If you do plan on outdoor activities, it’s best to plan them during the day or when cooler weather finally returns.

Prolonged exposure to hot weather can expose heat-related health risks.

Stay hydrated at all times

Heat waves can also cause fatigue. It is important to stay hydrated at all times during heat wave events.

Wear comfortable clothes

If you’re staying indoors, it’s a good idea to wear comfortable clothing to mitigate heat waves or hot temperatures.

Go to cooler places

You can travel or move to cooler areas to ease heat waves. If your home has an air conditioning system or air conditioning, it can help mitigate the impact of heat waves.

Regularly checking fans and air conditioning is the best way to maintain your home’s heat wave equipment.

Turn off the unnecessary device.

Televisions and other gadgets can generate heat, which adds to the environment. If the device is not needed, you can turn it off to save electricity.

Medical care

Extreme heat waves can be dangerous for the elderly. If you find someone suffering from heatstroke, it is best to take them to the nearest hospital.

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