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Who doesn’t love a baking challenge? If you have a baking challenge, why not have someone there? brand new Dr. Seuss Baking Challenge On Amazon Prime Video, the wild and wacky world of the beloved and prolific children’s author serves as the theme for a team-based baking competition. From The Cat in the Hat to the Grinch, there are certainly plenty of familiar faces in cakes and pastries.

Opening shot: The first teams of bakers enter the competition set in the so-called “City of Zeus”, a suitably vivid and beautiful landscape with amazing colors and wild characters. They laugh with nervous glee at the race ahead.

Summary: While the holidays are a great time to bake, Dr. The Seuss Baking Challenge takes a very standard competitive baking show format and gives it a Seussian twist, structuring a nine-team, eight-episode elimination format. Beloved children’s author, each new challenge is drawn from Theodor Geisel’s deep library of characters and stories. Tamara Mowry-Housley hosts, and a host of top pastry chefs step in as guest judges and hope bakers take Seuss from the page to pastry.

Dr. Seuss Baking Challenge - Tamera Mowry-Housley
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What shows does it remind you of? It has the same whimsical tone, and touch, of many Food Network fancy cake shows nailed it!But really, the whole point of this is to remind you of all the familiar Dr. Seuss stories you know and love.

Our take: There’s no shortage of baking competition shows that are the gold standard on television these days Great British Baking Show to happy mischief nailed it! to the Food Network’s countless seasonal and themed efforts. Stepping into the fray is a new entry from Amazon Prime Video, The Complete Dr. Geisel, which draws from the prolific works of Theodor Geisel. A Seuss themed contest.

You won’t find a reinvention of the wheel on this show — the usual heaps of carved fondant and sprinkled food coloring, high-intensity cuts between stressed-out contestants mid-bake and their backstories on screen, their strategies and their interviews. Describing their feelings as their burns progress. If you’re a fan of baking shows, you’ll be extremely familiar with the format.

All that, the Dr. Seuss angle makes for especially fun family viewing, baking shows and Dr. As a parent of children who love both Seuss and I can vouch; I watched a preview of this show with my six- and seven-year-olds, and they giggled with delight as they watched the characters they know and love take the shape of sugar, flour, and butter. (They even asked if we could try making some of the bakes ourselves, which is probably closer. nailed it!Given my lack of baking skills.) Dr. Seuss Baking Challenge It doesn’t break new ground in television, but it’s a satisfying treat for the whole family to watch, and sends the little ones home from school for a particularly good time when it winds down before winter break.

It’s something you can easily leave them alone in front of the TV to watch, but you’ll also sit down to watch and root for your favorite baking team.

Sex and skin:I need not tell you this, but be assured there is nothing improper here; This is definitely a family-friendly viewing.

Parting shot: Two teams celebrate as they advance to the next round; One faces the prospect of going home. But we’ve only just begun, with six additional teams to meet, and seven more episodes to go before the Seuss-iest bakers are crowned.

Sleeping Star: Due to the unique competition format it is difficult to know who the breakout star of the series will be from the first episode; The show pits nine teams against each other, starting with three-team sets in the first three episodes and then switching to a six-man bracket. That said, Kyle and Huiwen have to give original credit for creating the “Seussembouche,” a spin on the architecturally ambitious French classic croquembouche, a tower of cream puff donuts held together by powdered sugar.

A very pilot-y line:“I approach baking and pastries the same way an artist approaches a canvas,” notes South Carolina Executive Pastry Chef Kyle Smothers. It will lead to success in the city of Zeus.

Our call: Stream it. If you want a family-friendly viewing experience, Dr. Seuss Baking Challenge A satisfying confection that leaves a sweet taste in your mouth.

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