Snowy start for travelers in southern Minnesota | Bot To News

MINNEAPOLIS — Road conditions are not ideal in the southern parts of Minnesota on Friday morning, with several schools reporting delays or closures amid the snow.

WCCO Meteorologist Riley O’Connor says there’s some drizzle and fog in the metro area, with heavier snow farther south along Interstate 35 and Interstate 90, where O’Connor says it’s there may be 3 to 5 inches.

Early in the day it will be cloudy with highs in the 30s.

On Saturday, we could see a few gusts and drizzle at times as temperatures climb into the mid 30s.

Sunday and Monday look dry, but then comes a potentially big change.

O’Connor says Tuesday through Thursday could see the metro area and many other parts of the state dealing with a major winter storm. It is still too early to call, but it will almost certainly be windy and quite warm. We will see snow and possibly rain.

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