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REXBURG, Idaho (KIFI) – A snowy day in Idaho may not come as a surprise to many who have lived in the area for a while. But even if it doesn’t come as a surprise, the weather that comes to the region during winter can create a lot of mixed feelings.

Such was the case for some people in Rexburg on Sunday morning, as a total of 4 inches was expected. “I’m from Oklahoma, so we have a lot of ice, but not a lot of snow,” Elly Rex said.

She added that the snowy weather created new challenges for her to experience. “I think learning to drive in the snow is challenging. And I think it’s a little hard to adjust to having to take time, extra time to walk to school or just do the daily things of life.”

Another Rexburg resident from the desert part of southern Colorado says the snow isn’t new, but the amount is. “Snow falls on me. It’s not a lot. Usually a smaller amount, but I’ve been watching it fall all day and it’s a lot,” Miles Maxwell said.

Another resident who is originally from Arizona added: “I’m kind of used to it just because I’ve been here since February, so I wasn’t here for this first part yet. So it’s unique. It’s fun watching it all fall apart,” Justin Stuart said.

The winter storm created not only mixed feelings about the weather and what comes with it, but also hopes for fun to be had once the snow had settled.

“Honestly, just slide it over my feet. More fun than snowball fights with my friends which are always fun,” Maxwell said.

“Actually, I’m going winter backpacking on Monday, so I’m going to drive to the Sawtooth area to go there,” Rex said.

“Hoping to go sledding or something. I think that would be a lot of fun,” Stuart said.

Everyone hopes the snow stays long enough for them to enjoy their favorite winter activities.

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