Samsung 2022 Football World Cup Thrills With Its Big Game Fest Offers, Buy Samsung TVs and Galaxy S22 Ultra and Some Great Deals | Bot To News

Samsung, India’s The largest consumer electronics brand has announced exciting offers on a range of Big Game Fest Premium, big-screen TVs that allow consumers to experience the 2022 Football World Cup right from the comfort of their homes.

Big Game Fest offers guaranteed prizes when consumers make purchases SamsungThe country’s premium, large-screen TVs include The Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED, QLED, The Frame TV and The Freestyle Projector.

Under this limited-time offer, customers can get a free Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone worth INR 1,09,999 or Samsung Ultra Slim Soundbar HW-S801B worth INR 49,900 on purchase of select TVs. With Freestyle Projector, consumers can get it for free Samsung Sound Tower The T40 is priced at 17,990. With a 75-inch UHD TV, consumers can get the Galaxy A23 worth Rs 18,400.

Also, consumers get a 10-year no-screen burn-in warranty on Neo QLED and QLED TVs.

These attractive offers are available at all leading retail outlets and With these agreements, Samsung Easy EMIs starting at INR 1,990 and additional cashback of up to 20% from major banks like ICICI, Kotak and RBL.

‘Because the love for the football world cup is overwhelming India, viewers take every opportunity to tune in, watch the games on television, and more importantly, on the big screen. To help them use the World Cup, we introduce Samsung ‘Big Game Fest’ offers customers a way to experience the thrill of the game by replicating stadium-like experiences from the comfort of their homes. Samsung“Big screen TVs and soundbars,” said Mohandeep Singh, senior vice president of the consumer electronics business. Samsung India.


Neo QLED 8K TV lets you experience every detail vividly with ‘100 million lights’ that gives you a bright picture. It enhances true depth with a neural quantum processor 8K that determines and optimizes objects to create three-dimensional depth with the help of AI-based deep learning. Features Neo QLED for an enhanced viewing experience Eye comfort A mode that automatically adjusts screen brightness and tone based on built-in sensors. As the ambient light changes, the screen gradually reduces the amount of light and provides warmer tones, adjusting the blue light level accordingly. The state-of-the-art Neo QLED 8K lineup consists of three series with screen sizes ranging from 65-inches to 85-inches.

Neo QLED 8K TVs feature Quantum Matrix Technology Pro (with Quantum Mini LED) and Shape Adaptive Light Control for sharper details with enhanced contrast. At 1/40th the size of a normal LED, the Quantum Mini LED enables better brightness with colors and deeper blacks and reduces image blooming.


Samsung’s excellent Neo QLED TV range is designed to be more than just a TV. It can be a game console, a virtual playground, a smart hub to control your home, and your perfect companion to improve performance. Neo QLED TVs come with Quantum Matrix technology powered by Quantum Mini LEDs, which are 40 times smaller than conventional LEDs. It offers an improved brightness level to precisely control the brightness of the display. Not only that; These TVs support Dolby Atmos with Q-Symphony and Object Tracking Sound Pro (OTS Pro) to deliver the ultimate 3D surround sound home theater experience. It comes with a built-in IoT hub that lets you control all your smart devices. With the Slim Fit camera, you can also make video calls on your TV.

Samsung QLED TVs

Samsung QLED TV creates a new platform for premium TVs and home entertainment, offering a beautiful design supported by the most advanced picture quality and powered by Quantum Dot technology, which optimizes the TV’s brightness levels and delivers brighter and deeper colors to deliver the visual experience that creators desire. QLED TVs also feature Object Tracking Sound (OTS) and Active Voice Amplifier (AVA) for an unparalleled cinematic experience at home.

You can connect the SlimFit camera to your QLED TV to make video calls. Easy on your eyes, it comes with EyeComfort mode that automatically adjusts screen brightness and tone based on built-in sensors.

Offering ‘100 percent color gamut’, the QLED TV displays all colors of the DCI-P3 color space regardless of different levels of brightness, ensuring that HDR images can be viewed the way the content producer wants them to.

Crystal 4K UHD TVs

Samsung’s 4K UHD TVs offer unique features through the integration, consumption and interaction of TV into the everyday lives of its consumers. Powered by crystal technology, Samsung UHD televisions aim to deliver colors with unmatched sharpness and contrast levels. With crystal 4K display, video calling, smart IoT hub, adaptive sound, tape view, screen mirroring and lag free gaming, these TVs empower customers to enjoy enhanced picture quality and better content consumption capabilities.

Frame TV

Incredibly stunning, the Frame TV comes with customizable bezels and a matte display. Choose different colored bezels to complement your surroundings from a growing library of over 1,400 pieces of art.

The frame is not pretty; It offers excellent picture quality with QLED technology that enables exceptional picture quality with life-like colors, enhanced contrast and impeccable detail with 100% color gamut. The law is coming Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology, powerful Quantum Processor 4K, 4K AI enhancement capabilities and SpaceFit Sound that automatically optimizes sound settings after analyzing your room environment.

Freestyle Projector

The Freestyle is a projector, smart speaker, and ambient lighting device all rolled into one lightweight, portable device. In terms of portability, the Freestyle weighs only 830 grams, allowing it to easily turn any space into a screen. Unlike conventional, boxy projectors, the Freestyle’s versatile cradle allows it to rotate up to 180 degrees, allowing users to project high-quality video anywhere, on tables, floors, walls or ceilings – no separate screen required.



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