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How Weird eyeresident style expert of, it’s no surprise that Tan France becomes a fashion consultant during the holidays.

“I get asked about gifts every year,” says the 39-year-old Was Him designer The Hollywood Reporter. That’s why it’s partnering again with Klarna, the global retail platform that lets shoppers split their purchases into interest-free payments, receive price drop alerts, find top-rated gifts, track product price history and more more

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Partnering with the company “made sense. I love what they do and what they offer, and the platform is easy to navigate,” she says. To simplify gift shopping, Tan has compiled her top picks for each type of recipient into a holiday gift list, ranging from a $30 beauty bag to a luxurious Balenciaga bag.

Of course, we had to pick France’s brain for more expert-approved ideas, even for the hardest-to-buy-for recipients. The stylish member of the Fab Five (and true Lego icon) won an Emmy THR to answer our burning questions about gifts, from whether gift cards can be made right to the best present you’ve received recently.

Thoughts on Gift Cards: Yes or No?

You know, if it’s based on fashion, [a gift card] it is truly what I recommend. Many will disagree and many will say it is impersonal. Let’s say for example that your favorite store was J. Crew. Even if it was a good friend or family member, I don’t always like what you like from there. But if I know you really like a particular store, I would get it as a gift card. I know you well enough to get that, but I want you to have the freedom to choose what you get. Or it may end up coming back. I want you to love what you get. I think it’s the most respectful way to make gift cards.

I know many people ask for experiences rather than tangible gifts. Prefer to do it during the holidays?

Here’s the thing: In my opinion, even my husband—who I’ve been with for 14 1/2 years—doesn’t know exactly what he’s going to like. I think experiences are great in certain situations. When it comes to the holidays, I like a gift. I want something to develop, and that’s what everyone expects.

It’s other experiences – a birthday, Valentine’s Day, an anniversary – I don’t care about gifts at those points. I don’t need my husband to buy me anything. Take me somewhere: Let’s go to my favorite restaurant for breakfast or to a theme park. But when it comes to the holidays, it’s not necessarily because I really like Christmas – I love a stocking – it’s a very joyful holiday and there’s something about opening a present.

How are your holidays this year?

I consider Thanksgiving through New Years a holiday. For Thanksgiving, I cooked everything for everyone! I’ve been doing that for everyone for 13 years, so we’re going to have a treat. There are usually 7 or 8 of us, or 12 or 13. Then we do basically the same thing on New Years, but I just change the baked goods.

We hear your holiday decorating ramps up well before December.

I’m very Muslim, but every year we change the colors of the Christmas tree slightly. Last year it was red and gold, the year before that it was turquoise.

You recently became a father! Do you and your husband celebrate the holidays differently now that you have your son?

Not yet because it’s too young. He’ll be a year and a half old, so he won’t really know. We read to him every night. When people like what you can get for him, we always say a book. He loves a good book.

What is your favorite book right now?

This is so obvious, but it is true Good night Moon. Frog in it; he loves to “catch” the mice!

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

Good night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown; $15 on Amazon


Good night Moon $14.69 on Amazon.com

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We love everything you’ve selected for your Klarna gift guide. What are they you hoping to unfold this year?

In fact, there is one thing in my Klarna gift guide that is for me. I included it on purpose. I always eat a present – I like things! Mine is this Balenciaga bag. If it wasn’t for that, it would be a different bag, like a small Jacquemus bag. My hands are really nervous so I have to pick things up already!

How about tech gifts? Do you have a foolproof option?

My family is very tech-savvy, but I can’t figure out how to use my laptop. My failsafe is one of those little consoles, the Nintendo Switch. I have no idea what it is or how it works, I just know that kids are obsessed with them.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con OLED White

Nintendo Switch OLED Console with White Joy-Con; $350, GameStop


Nintendo Switch OLED console with white Joy-Con $350

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Let’s talk about holiday fashion! What are your style recommendations? Are sequins and glitter overdone for the holidays?

This might surprise you, but I really like the tradition of sparkles. I do! I tell him to lean in, during the holidays you don’t want to be that idiot who says, “I’m going to wear a t-shirt and jeans.” Everyone knows what it is: it’s campy, it’s playful, it’s meant to be a lark. Wear that velvet, wear that lurex. Use those glitters. Glam it up!

Is that the approach you take with fashion?

I’m rarely [except] when I’m on TV or I’m on a carpet. I’m actually pretty simple in my normal life. I’m a regular Christmas sweater person.

Speaking of fashion, we love your luxury gift options. For those who don’t have the budget to splurge on Gucci, do you have recommendations for trendy stocking stuffers or accessories?

As for fashion accessories, I always enjoy a jewelry moment for a friend. You don’t need to go big with a bag or shoes. If you can and you know them well, but want to keep it simple, delicate and unexpected for a friend, I think jewelry is a charm to give. It can be a disguise [jewelry], something not expensive and unique. For example, this ring [I’m wearing] it’s $15, I found it at a street vendor in New York.

What was the best gift you were given recently?

Easy, Antoni Porowski gave me without a doubt the most thoughtful gift. It was a necklace for when my son was born. It had his initials and the day he was born engraved on it, and I wear it so many times and almost every public appearance.

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Read on for Klarna’s France holiday gift guide below.

Goldbelly gift card

“My Weird eye Co-host JVN loves a food delivery service and orders more exciting baked goods than any other friend, and they’re usually exactly what I want. I know you would love this [Goldbelly gift card] more than any other gift I could give him”.

Goldbelly electronic gift card

golden belly

Goldbelly electronic gift card $25 and up

Buy now

Weber Q1200 gas grill

“My brother-in-law pretty much lives to camp and has managed to come up with some great camping recipes over the years. I think he’d appreciate this portable gas grill so he can start cooking a little faster than he’s been able to with fire.”

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Weber Q1200 gas grill


Weber Q1200 gas grill $259.00 on Amazon.com

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Gucci sunglasses

“This is the perfect gift for my best friend. She loves a great pair of curtains, but it’s been a while since she treated herself to new ones, so I’d love to give her something stylish that can be worn with any look.”

MORE PURCHASE OPTIONS: Sunglasses Hut | Gucci

Gucci sunglasses

Sunglasses hut

Gucci sunglasses $625

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Benefit Cosmetics Big Brow Love Pencil and Gel Set

Benefit’s Big Brow Love Three-Piece Set is “perfect for anyone who loves beauty and makeup. My sister has always wanted thicker brows and buys multiple items to get that fuller look. I just know she’ll love a single set which makes it much easier to achieve glamour.

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Benefit Cosmetics Big Brow Love Pencil and Gel Set

Cosmetic Benefits

Benefit Cosmetics Big Brow Love Pencil and Gel Set $30

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Tumi International Carry-On

“My nanny loves to travel and I know how important it is to feel stylish when she’s on the road, so I think she’ll love this high-quality luggage that will last her years.”

Tumi International Carry-On Silver


Tumi International Carry-On $1,095

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Ferragamo boots

“Shopping for the family can be difficult. My brother loves the boots I wear that give a little height without being uncomfortable. These boots are exactly my style and I think anyone who likes men’s fashion will definitely appreciate these boots elegant as a gift”.

Ferragamo boots

Ferragamo boots $1,490

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Vanina Les Gouttelettes bag

“My friend Beanie is getting married next spring and her dress is stunning. I know she doesn’t have a bag for the big day yet, as I was a part of every detail of her look, and I think this bold bag will be the perfect complement for her “.

Vanina Les Gouttelettes bag


Vanina Les Gouttelettes bag $575

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Hourglass Balenciaga small bag box

“You think I don’t buy myself holiday gifts? I love a little bag and I’ve built quite a collection. This one [from Balenciaga] it will sit nicely next to my others.”

Hourglass Balenciaga small bag box


Hourglass Balenciaga small bag box $2,850

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