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As in Philadelphia and throughout the East, November got off to a remarkably warm start in Western New York, and perhaps no one knows better than Buffalo’s Mike Fries that his city is about to pay dearly for that spring interlude.

The National Weather Service is calling for snow through the weekend like that, with accumulations of 3 to 6 feet, that is, in and around Buffalo as frigid winds blow across the warm November waters of Lake Erie. .

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As of early Friday afternoon, 4 feet had been measured just south of town, with an additional 2 feet possible through Saturday night, and 3½ feet measured at Orchard Park, where the Buffalo Bills will host the Cleveland Browns. Sunday afternoon at an NFL game.

For Fries, who is the warning coordination meteorologist in the agency’s Buffalo office, this is a matter of some personal interest: The high end of the forecast totals could well land in your neighborhood.

While it’s not even close to that, even though it’s “Snowstorm Awareness Week” in Pennsylvania, the temperature has finally dropped to 90 degrees, even at the weather-resistant Philadelphia International Airport. the frosts.

The expected Lake Erie snow frenzy would be spurred on by the same frigid air mass, driven east by strong high pressure from Alaska to northwestern Canada, that has been freezing Philadelphia this week.

On Tuesday morning, temperatures dipped to the low 20s outside the city, and to zero or well below almost everywhere else far from the immediate coast.

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The notable exception was the official National Weather Service station at the airport, where it stopped at 33. That thermometer, near a river and swamp and in close proximity to airport buildings and runways, is a notorious outlier.

Despite the airport’s resilience, the weather service declared the official end of the “growing season” across the region, considering most of Philadelphia has experienced freezing temperatures.

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Temperatures are expected to drop to the upper 20s Saturday and Sunday morning, which will lead to some cold fingers among those taking part in the Philadelphia Marathon.

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Monday and Tuesday marked a significant change in Philadelphia’s weather fortunes, marking the first two days with below-normal temperatures in a month that saw the warmest November 1-7 period on record.

Similarly, Buffalo set three high-temperature records that week, hitting 79 on Nov. 4, but experienced its fourth straight day of below-average readings on Wednesday. Long-range forecasts favor a continuation of cold at least through Thanksgiving throughout the Northeast.

It’s “a complete pattern change,” said Cameron Wunderlin of the weather service in Mount Holly.

Unfortunately for Buffalo residents who don’t like to shovel snow, the cold has come too late to chill the waters.

Lake Erie water temperature in Buffalo on Tuesday was 53, even warmer than earlier in the month, Fries said.

When cold air, interacting with a storm system, collides with warm air overlying the lake water, it is forced up and condenses into snow. West-southwest winds will carry it toward the Buffalo area along corridors of very heavy snow, forecasters say.

Areas stuck in a stationary snow band could see up to 4 feet of snow from Thursday through early Saturday, the weather service warns.

Usually, winds push snow to the south of the city, Fries said, “but probably not this time.”

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