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terminal It quickly became a must-watch show on Prime Video. Now we need more. will terminal Will season 2 happen on prime video?

terminal Season 1 has ended. The finale answered some of our questions, but it left us with a big cliffhanger. Now we have to see what comes next, whether there will be a second season or not.

We like it more, but does Amazon agree with us? What are the chances? terminal Season 2 is happening, and if it happens, when can we expect to see it?

Terminal Season 2 on Prime Video?

As of now, Amazon has not officially renewed terminal Season 2. It also hasn’t canceled the show, so this is one of those cases where no news is good news.

What are the chances of renewing it? We think pretty good, it looks like we might see a second season happen. according to the Production weekly, Season 2 is in production. That was in early September, before the first season was released.

This isn’t the first time Amazon has quietly renewed a series. However, this means that we will definitely see a second season. There are times when shows are produced accordingly Production weekly A streamer canceled as take-up was not as good as expected.

We’ll keep an eye on Amazon’s decision for the show. It’s been a tough year with cancellations, but reviews for terminal It has been positive and there has been a lot of chatter about it on the internet. Hopefully, that means the visuals have gotten better every week and we’ll see a renewal happen.

If it does, we expect it to arrive sometime next year at the earliest. However, we may have to wait until 2024.

terminal Available to stream in full on Prime Video.

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