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We updated this article in December 2022 to include more information on the latest TV brands and models based on extensive research and recent testing by the Good Housekeeping Institute.

Over the years, TV technology has advanced a lot and continues to improve every year. The best televisions on the market today not only offer sharp picture quality, exquisite clarity and stunning brightness, but they also feature smart designs and enhanced sound quality. “There are a few different features that take a TV from great to the next,” says Rachel Rothman, chief technologist & managing director of technology at the Good Housekeeping Institute. Whether you’ve had your eye on a new TV for a few months or you’re just casually window shopping, here are our pros to narrow your search for the best TV brands on the market. We also share tips on key aspects you should consider when making your investment.

At the Good Housekeeping Institute, our technicians and engineers have decades of experience testing consumer electronics such as soundbars, home projectors, universal remote controls, and Bluetooth speakers. When choosing the best TV brands, we evaluate various criteria Rate each package’s overall picture and audio quality, viewing angle, and ease of interface Even more. Based on our A decades-long history of reviewing televisions, including more than 50 televisions in the last five yearsAnd our constant presence at the latest industry trade shows, like the Consumer Electronics Show, to keep up with the technologies available from various manufacturers makes this our ultimate pick of the best TV brands for budgets in 2022.

Our top picks:

After learning about the best TV brands (scroll down for a glossary of TV terms), read on for tips on how to buy a TV and the rigorous process we put TVs through to choose the best. Here are the best TV shows to watch on your brand new set — plus some tips for die-hards Bridgerton Fans.

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