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I don’t think there is anything better than traveling to a new place and embracing the feeling that place gives you. That’s how I felt when I lived in places like Oklahoma City, Houston, and Dallas.

I remember my co-workers asking me out to line dance in OKC and taking me to a store to get ready for the occasion. We looked at boots, button-down shirts, and belts, and I liked it. I wanted to experience what it felt like to really fit in in a region so different from where I grew up. I think part of that is dressing for the occasion.

We saw that a couple of times in this week’s NHL-style power rankings, and not just on an individual level. In addition to that, man’s best friend also made an appearance. Not like Bucky did last time, but Zeus’ owner made sure to bring his mate to the catwalk and let the world know who he was yelling at.

This week, we also saw a bold proclamation from an NHL team, and I expect we’ll see a little more trash talking about teams on social media. Let’s see if you all enjoyed some of these as much as I did.

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It gives me no end of pleasure to see Yeehaw’s agenda thriving in the NHL. And not just players from here or there or those from the south-west teams, but a whole team committed to the spirit of the region? I have no choice but to tip my cap, pun fully intended. These gentlemen took a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyo., and suddenly everyone was wearing a cowboy hat. In addition to loving the group’s overall effort, we have to give the photographer a round of applause, because the dark lighting, the angles of these photos, and the mood captured are all spectacular.

This is included, because not only do I love the fact that Marner wore socks with her dog, but I LOVE the lengths she went to make sure we knew she was wearing these socks with Zeus. I absolutely adore my pets, so I understand where the Toronto Maple Leafs right wing, who is on a historic hitting streak, is coming from. I want to teach them to people as much as people will let me. I’m starting to notice a theme with Toronto and socks. Keep it up, gentlemen.

Looks like there’s a new sheriff in town, folks. I would have to do a closer examination, but the suit appears to be of high quality wool. Considering the environment, that would make sense, but what really caught my attention was the texture and color used in this outfit. It’s a very muted teal, so it makes you take a second look, but without being too loud. I love the tie and the pocket square, because it really is a very chill suit, and those two details have a little extra dazzle.

Maybe it’s just me, but I look at the jacket the New York Rangers center is wearing and think it looks so comfortable. The lightweight fabric is perfect for the Los Angeles climate. I think the sand color is pleasing to the eye and the decision to go with a mismatched suit is a good choice. Even take it a step further with a light blue tie and dark blue trousers, and match the pocket square with the trousers.

Who knew that a plum suit with a pink shirt and bubblegum paisley tie were just what I needed in my life? Here’s the thing, I really like it when people sort their clothes; what I mean specifically is that they pick a color family and use different variations of the primary color. In this case, the Nashville Predators winger went through the red color tactic, and it has such a sophisticated feel. That is, until you read the caption and see the next photo in the post. The Predators social team clearly has a good sense of humor.

At first glance, the Minnesota Wild forward’s copper suit appears to be the main character. But we are not easily impressed by the outside, no. On closer inspection, do you see all the lining? For someone with a reputation as an enforcer, I didn’t necessarily see that coming. There are bright colors and characters with a range of emotions detailing the inside of Reaves’ jacket. Much more than meets the eye with this one.

The Colorado Avalanche center has been feeling the tan color and three-piece suits lately. Her color coordination game has been subtly crazy, especially with these two outfits from the past two weeks. I prefer the blue one because it was the more challenging of the two. The blue suit paired with a brown waistcoat, pocket square and socks means all the complementary colors work together. I see the dark brown shoes and for a second I thought the tie might be elite as well, but upon further inspection it was determined to be black. so close I’m being very picky, but I wish the hat was a bit more tan to match the rest of that specific color. Obviously no points were docked, but I would have been much more impressed.

If the photographer could explain what is going on, I would sincerely appreciate it. I am incredibly curious as to what is causing the San Jose Sharks defenseman to make this face. Beyond the expression, what really caught my eye was that Karlsson was wearing a bow tie with this smart outfit. I really racked my brain and realized that I haven’t come across an NHL player who wore a bow tie. I think it would have been very easy for him to do a solid dark blue tie to match the suit, but the dark blue striped tie is a nice centerpiece.

I was tickled by the title of this photo. The Columbus Blue Jackets social team knows they have a fashion icon on their roster, and the people who work those accounts aren’t afraid to tell it like it is. I love and lean into it, especially as someone who really likes honesty. So why is this the reputation of the city on the left side? Let’s evaluate. The captivating jacket color? check Wine-red suit jackets go against the grain, but aren’t so bold as to be off-putting. Next, Laine matched the shirt and hat, and then threw on a tie with black and the muted gold of the suit jacket. come on It’s not obvious, but these are the details that I’m a huge fan of the outfit.

On its own, the tan suit worn by the Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman would turn heads in a room or a crowd. But on closer inspection, I realized that he matched the dark blue lines of the suit and tie with the shoes. So aesthetically pleasing to see that level of attention to detail. I’m even a fan of seeing the lapels and collar slightly raised, instead of being plain.

(Top photo by Nino Niederreiter: John Russell/NHLI via Getty Images)

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