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We’re officially two months into the NBA season, and we’re seeing some familiar faces in the style rankings, but we’re also getting a steady dose of new arrivals every week. League style has never been more promoted by individual teams, players and accounts dedicated to NBA fashion. This past week had a great mix of more elegant clothes, as well as more casual and relaxed looks.

Without further ado, let’s get into this week’s rankings:

Booker went with the loose, cozy, neutral look and it’s great. The All-Star has become known for his looser clothing, in addition to his love of Chuck Taylors. Here it’s all on display with the sweater and quarter zip pants.

Book went with slightly different whites for the jacket and pants. O Chucks forest green add some color to the fit, and we can’t forget the shades.

Love headed to the team bus in a multi-use Intarsia Knit New York sweater. The NBA champion is also wearing a denim tee underneath his sweater, which is a shade lighter than his jeans.

And you can never go wrong with a new pair All White Nike Air Force 1s.

It must be that time of year, because long winter coats are in full effect this week. The pink skin says it all about Jackson’s fit, as well as her mood, because you need a certain level of confidence to pull off such a flamboyant look.

Jackson wears a “Seen” t-shirt with an image of the late Kobe Bryant sporting an orange Afro. The more color, the merrier for Jackson. His jeans have seams running through them that create a grid with a white stripe down the sides of each pant leg. Jackson made his return to the weekly style rankings with a bang.

Ibaka has a very mature booty. The all-black look from head to toe, minus the white t-shirt, makes it look like he’s minding his own business. Ibaka is not new to fashion; is true to that. Here’s one more example of why that is.

To top it off, she has the gold watch and bracelet combo to go with the green Goyard toiletry bag.

Toscano-Anderson is in his first season with the Lakers, and his sense of style seems right for the bright lights of Los Angeles.

He combined the brown T-shirt with the brown stripes of the jacket and the Goyard bag and the salmon in his Nike Dunks with the designs on the lower half of his pants. From one Bay Area native to another, I noticed the NBA champion’s laces earlier this season, and I’m glad he finally made the cut this week.

Oubre is back in the rankings, this time wearing a sweater with lines that create an optical illusion. His red hat and red pants match the subtle touch of red in his sweater.

He has enough Cuban connections to light up a room in the dark, as well as a ring, black nail polish and a bag from his Dope$oul brand. And you can’t go wrong Jordan 1s.

I noticed that there was an increasing number of requests for grant adjustments, and he delivered this week. The striped dress shirt, black vest, skinny black tie and black dress pants are just one of the many looks Grant has to pull off. Look at the pins you’ve added to your vest for some customization value.

Grant decided to end things yellow suede sneakers. The Goyard rose ring, watch and wallet are stylish accessories for an even more elegant look. From here, we’re all invested in their adjustments throughout the season.

This has to be one of the quickest introductions to these rankings that I can remember. The fur coat obviously sets the tone for this fit.

Gay also has the shades, tailored dress pants to show off his white socks, and black dress shoes. He is reminiscent of George Gervin or Clyde Drexler with their fur coats and top hats.

Alexander-Walker is becoming a regular on these lists, and it’s not hard to see why. We’ve seen him in a Louis Vuitton letterman jacket, but never in yellow. It has the smiley face logo on the front that goes along with the classic “L” and “V” and the graffiti logo on the left arm.

I have to believe he intended to use the long white shirt to show off the jacket. And the camouflage pants and Jordans it balances the rest of the fit very well.

Duke isn’t a well-known player in the league, but I imagine fellow NBA players his age are familiar with his style. The Brooklyn Nets two-way player rocked a burgundy Rodeo Grand Prix pickpocket with baggy, frayed pants and matching burgundy sneakers.

If Duke wasn’t on a team with Patty Mills, I’d argue that she’s the coolest person in every room she’s in.

(Photo by Kelly Oubre Jr.: Dustin Satloff/Getty Images)

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