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And so the endless and terminal saga of the royal family continues. In Harry and Meghanon Netflix today, there are a lot of opinions being shared, a lot of claims being made, and a lot of calculated looks being deployed to highlight everything in triplicate.

In the documentary, Meghan Markle, a former star of the since-deposed royal family, spends much of the first three episodes talking about how intense it feels to be at the center of a royal spectacle. In episode three, while pointing out how there is no training or preparation for anyone who is about to become queen, she comments on the outfits she wore when she became a member of the family.

“Most of the time I was in the UK, I rarely used color,” Meghan says in an interview. “In my understanding, you can never wear the same color as Her Majesty if there is a group event, but neither should you wear the same color as one of the other senior members of the family. So I said, ‘Well, what color that they will probably never use? camel? Beige? White? So I used a lot of muted tones, but it was also to be able to blend in.”

So far, the documentary is loaded with insane details like this one: On camera, Meghan is dressed in similar neutrals to the ones she’s worn to mingle with the royal family: soft gray knits and crisp whites that match the Montecito home she shares. . harry The visual effect is nice, but it slides right out of your brain as if you haven’t even seen anything.

The release of the documentary comes during two weeks of intense royal fashion, with an intriguing and silent sartorial duel taking place between Meghan and Kate Middleton, the future Queen of England, who have been waging an all-out PR optics war in the lead-up to the release Netflix documentary series.

On Monday, Meghan and Harry touched down in New York ahead of the Netflix premiere, and for her charm offensive, Meghan opted for chic, understated ensembles with an unmistakable dose of Hollywood glamour. getting off the plane, archetypes Podcaster Meghan was dressed in black and sported a pair of huge black sunglasses for a sly rather than incognito look. A-list actress very much off duty, and always worth mentioning: the woman is ridiculously beautiful.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex attends the 2022 Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Ripple of Hope Gala at the New York Hilton on December 6, 2022 in New York City.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for the 2022 Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Ripple of Hope Gala

On Tuesday night, Meghan and Harry attended the Ripple of Hope Gala at the Midtown Hilton to accept an award for fighting structural racism, and Meghan pulled off a spectacular fashion moment. Decked out in a sheer white Louis Vuitton off-the-shoulder dress with a thigh-high slit, Prince Harry’s better half topped things off with an aquamarine diamond ring beloved by Princess Diana.

“The whole look was stunning, one of Meghan’s best in my opinion,” Miranda Holder, stylist and royal fashion expert, told The Daily Beast. “The no-nonsense monochrome that ensures the focus is on the wearer, the low-key style that emphasizes Meghan’s feminine vulnerability, and the white color that invokes peace and innocence are all qualities that Meghan will benefit from given Netflix’s explosive launch “.

In polar opposition to whistleblower Meghan, Kate is one of the palace’s most reliable assets: poised, nimble and utterly gracious, Prince William’s wife made her first trip to the US in eight years (with Prince William) a whirlwind. Visit to Boston last week that included a turn at the Earthshot Prize ceremony, which is awarded to five winners annually for their contributions to the environment, and a stop at Harvard to talk about how children can benefit from new advances in science .

Catherine, Princess of Wales attends the 2022 Earthshot Prize at MGM Music Hall at Fenway on December 2, 2022 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Karwai Tang/WireImage

In Boston, after appearing in a series of well-tailored cold-weather outfits that included a $6,000 coat and an eggplant purple suit, both by Alexander McQueen, for the Earthshot Awards, Kate went in a mint green Solace London dress. For this occasion, Kate accessorized with a staple of Princess Diana’s jewelry, the emerald and diamond choker that Di un día wore on her forehead during her 1985 tour of Australia.

“Earthshot’s rental green dress was PR genius – it’s the ultimate sustainable fashion choice, and the bright apple green dress looked contemporary and ensured the princess could be seen from every corner of the packed venue,” said Holder.

Meghan and Kate deliberately invoked Diana, the People’s Princess, with very different goals in mind. Kate appears to be strengthening her own generational and unbreakable ties to the royal family, while Meghan’s appearance in the aquamarine ring, which Diana wore as a “replacement” for her engagement ring after her divorce from then-Prince Charles, directly references to Di’s determination entirely separate from The Firm.

Kate, in particular, has been in rare form lately, Los Angeles-based royal commentator and To Di For Daily podcaster Kinsey Schofield told The Daily Beast.

“Boston was a very good sample of how William and Kate will handle this documentary,” Schofield said. “I was in Boston, and I honestly thought they were going to hide from the public. Specifically, with Catherine at her Harvard event, we had to get her out of the building — she wanted to stay and talk to everyone and take pictures with everyone, she was so nice.” The first Netflix trailer Harry and Meghan it was dropped on December 1st while Kate and William strolled around Somerville, MA, and Kate stopped by Harvard until the next day wearing a stylish houndstooth.

That is to say: ‘We are royalty. We are true royalty. This is duty, this is service, this is sacrifice.

Kinsey Schofield

On Tuesday night, after returning to Britain, Kate stunned at a reception at Buckingham Palace for members of the Diplomatic Corps in a scarlet Jenny Packham dress, the diamond lotus tiara originally worn by the Queen Mother, and earrings of diamonds

“I don’t think Catherine was reacting to anything the Sussexes were doing with their wardrobe in Boston because, excuse my French, the shitstorm happened after they landed,” Schofield said. “But when we saw her at the reception, in that beautiful red beaded dress and that tiara, do I feel like that was a reaction to the Sussexes? I do. That’s saying, ‘We are royalty. We are real royalty This is duty, this is service, this is sacrifice. I mean, she’s wearing Queen Elizabeth’s earrings.”

“It’s a pretty tough PR battle,” Holder said. “Both women are in incredibly difficult situations and there must be so much angst behind closed doors. However, both are working in the only way they know how, and immaculate fashion choices are a big factor in their game plan.

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