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PIKE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) – Officials at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) are staying prepared for whatever winter may bring. With frigid temperatures set to grip the region Thursday night, a sudden freeze is possible.

“Anything that has gotten wet, anything on the roads that is leftover rain, anything like that will freeze pretty quickly and we are looking at something that can freeze in 90 minutes,” said Shantana Woodward, District 12 Public Information Officer. KYTC.

Woodward adds that the teams have been preparing for months, but went into overdrive last week.

“We’ve been preparing for quite some time, but then once an event like this comes up and we get close to it, we go into extra preparation mode and go a little deeper into everything,” Woodward said.

Over the past few months, KYTC District 12 has produced thousands of tons of de-icing agents, and throughout the week, crews have also made sure roads across the region are ready for cleaning.

“We always look for any obstacles that may be in the way before the event arrives,” said Woodward. “We make sure we are ready to go and that the roads will be good to plow.”

KYTC District 12 will also have a command center at its Pikeville office for communication purposes and to keep an eye on constantly changing weather conditions.

“Things can change in a flash, these mountains and valleys and things, a little bit of influence, a change, it can really change the weather forecast,” Woodward said. “So we’re really going to continue to monitor the whole situation to help keep the drivers and our guys safe as well.”

Woodward also said never pass a snowplow or salt truck, keep at least two cars behind the truck or snowplow, and wash your car after severe weather has passed.

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