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Do you watch a lot of TV or spend hours playing video games on a big screen TV? If so, have you ever experienced eye strain? This is because there is not enough ambient light in your room. Today, there is a way to raise the ambient light in the room and reduce the strain on your eyes, which can help increase your perception of the contrast on your smart TV screen. And Govee is a company with a solution to help you avoid eye strain while watching your favorite shows or playing your favorite video game on the big screen TV. It’s their DreamView TV Backlights that illuminate the surrounds and back of your television. The company sent us a set to test, which we found after putting them through the ringer.

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What are Kovi DreamView TV Backlights?

DreamView TV Backlights are a light strip of smart RGBIC colored lights that you attach to the back of your big screen TV. It comes in four sections, is lightweight (only .62 kg) and totals 12.5 feet. You also get a controller and a ColorSense 1080p HD camera that connects to the top of your smart TV. The camera captures the colors on your television screen and extends them beyond the TV screen.

How do they extend color beyond your TV screen? Covi DreamView’s RPGIC lighting effects work with the ColorSense camera to control its LED module and display multiple colors simultaneously on the wall behind your TV. This is a unique feature that we don’t see in other TV backlights. If you’re a gamer, binge watcher, or TV viewer who wants a quality viewing or gaming experience, you’ll love the experience these backlights provide.

Kovi DreamView TV Backlights attach to the back of your big screen TV.Gearbrain

What type of TV is required to use Smart TV backlights?

Most people might think you need a smart TV to use smart TV backlights, but you don’t. You need a large screen TV with USB or HDMI ports. To set up and operate your smart TV backlight, your mobile device requires Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity.

Along with Kovi, they have a full line of backlights for TVs of all sizes. DreamView TV 1 backlights come in two sizes. One set is for TVs between 55-65 inches and another set is for TVs between 75-85 inches. During our testing, we put the DreamView TV backlights on televisions 45 inches and larger, and they worked well every time. TVs smaller than 55 inches had to overlap the lights, but had no performance issues.

How to set up your Kovi Dreamview TV backlights

The setup process can be a little complicated for some users. After unboxing the strip lights, control box and camera, follow the installation instructions in the user manual. Make sure the surface behind and above your TV is clean and free of dust. Otherwise, the light strips may not attach securely to your TV.

Once cleaned, you’ll follow installation instructions that show you how to connect the strip lights, control box, and HD camera. Once these are installed and plugged in, you need to download the Govee Home app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) and create an account. Then go to Add Device by clicking the “+” in the top right corner of the screen. Select under LED Strip Lights, LED TV Backlights and follow the rest of the installation process in the app. This includes connecting the backlights to your home Wi-Fi network and calibrating the HD camera with the Kovi Home app.

A tricky and delicate part of the installation process is the measurement process. Place these provided square shaped stickers on your TV screen. Then tap on “Calibration” found on the Settings page in Covi Home. Stickers help determine areas of the screen for the camera to track. The owner’s manual will include instructions on where to place these stickers on your TV and some tips on how to properly calibrate the first time. You have to get this process right or the HD camera won’t do a good job of extending colors beyond your screen. For our tests, this process took a while to do, but once we got it right, the backlights worked well.

Photo of the TV with foam stickers ready to calibrate the Kovi Dreamview TV backlights.Placing the foam stickers is critical to the calibration process.Gearbrain

Test results

GearBrain has tested backlights for smart TVs in the past, but we’ve never seen many of these light strips come with a controller and an HD camera. The setup process was a bit cumbersome, but once we completed the process, the Kovi backlights were able to capture the colors on our television screen.

I think the biggest challenge for users is the appearance of the HD camera on top of your TV. The camera hangs above your television and is very noticeable to viewers. Many users don’t like this look on their big screen TV. I know my wife and daughter weren’t fans, but over time, they got used to it.

Some of the nice features of these TV backlights include the ability to set a timer for when to turn your lights on and off. You can also set a sleep and wake time for our backlights. Again, something we haven’t seen on other smart connected TV backlights.

Photo of the back of the TV with the Kovi DreamView TV backlight controllerKovi DreamView TV Backlight Controller keeps everything running smoothly.Gearbrain

The Govee Home app has all the controls you need and lets you connect to all three voice platforms: Apple’s Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant platforms. These integrations let you use voice commands to turn your lights on and off or increase or decrease the brightness to your desired level. Simply say the appropriate wake word and voice command and your DreamView TV backlights will respond.

If you’re feeling adventurous, users can set up special lighting effects with Govee DreamView lights, which you can control using the Govee app or Alexa.

Lastly, DreamView TV backlights come with 12 dynamic display modes. Some popular ones are music, video, color, visual or DIY. Each mode offers different colors and effects when on your TV. For example, video mode automatically changes colors to match video image animation. The music changes colors based on the sound rhythm. Also, there is a movie-watching DreamView feature, which we recommend when watching a movie, but note that this feature works over a Bluetooth connection. Users must be seated close to operate the TV.

Screenshot of the Govee Home app for the DreamView dashboardControl DreamView TV backlights in the Covi Home app to set modes.Gearbrain

How much do they cost?

Kovi DreamView TV Backlights are priced at $89.99 and available on Amazon. Is it a good price? It’s hard to say since users don’t have many choices to choose from for smart TV backlights. From what we’ve seen, smart TV backlights are smart light strips or light bars like Jasco’s Enbrighten LED Backlit HD Antenna. A few are bundled with a controller to interact with video and sound on your TV and cost upwards of $100. So, Kovi TV backlights seem to be priced right.


Photo of TV with Kovi Dreamview TV BacklightsDreamView RGBIC TV is an example of a TV with backlightGearbrain

After testing these smart TV backlights for a few months, we found them to be very effective in enhancing our TV viewing and video game playing. 12 dynamic display modes help you find the best setting for your viewing or gaming, especially if you’re a heavy monitor. But for the occasional TV watcher or gamer, DreamView and any smart TV backlight is an add-on in our minds and not necessarily a smart device.

However, if you do a lot of watching on a big screen TV or are a gamer, Kovi DreamView TV backlights are a great addition to your TV or gaming experiences. They are smart light strips that connect to a controller and HD camera to enhance your viewing experience but reduce eye strain. The setup is a bit complicated and involves the camera hanging above your big screen TV. But if you can deal with these minor issues, these smart backlights are a great choice.


  • Reduce eye pressure
  • Reacts to sound and motion on your TV
  • Works with large screen TVs from 55” to 85”.
  • Works with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant


  • Price
  • Complex measurement process
  • A camera is hanging above your TV

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