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Jack Ryan Spoilers follow.

After a long, three-year wait after a second season was dropped in 2019, CIA agent Jack Ryan is finally back for a third season. Jack RyanAnd the good news is that season four is already in production.

Having saved the day – and the world – more than once, surely it’s time for Jack to get a happy ending, or at least a break long enough to buy him a sandwich.

We’re sure he’ll have another international crisis to avert in season four, and while we wait for the episodes, here’s everything you need to know about what lies ahead for the bullet-dodging CIA operative and his friends…

Jack Ryan season 4 potential release date: When will the series return?

John Krasinski as Jack Ryan

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The fourth season resumed production in February 2022, with crews resuming filming Dubrovnik, Croatia.

It’s been about 18 months before the seasons show up on Amazon after production begins, so we’re looking forward to seeing a fourth season. Mid to late 2023.

Jack Ryan season 4 cast: Who’s coming back?

CIA agent Jack will, of course, return for season four. However, this could be his last stint as star John Krasinski’s original contract was reportedly only for four seasons.

While that was confirmed Jack Ryan Season four is the last of the series currently planned, and Krasinski has teased that it might not be the last we see of the CIA agent.

“We’ve actually been trying to do this show for almost two years straight, shooting season three and season four,” he said recently. e! news. “I don’t know if this is the last time I play this character. I might do it in my living room tonight, just to keep it going!”

Jack Ryan Season 2

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Fans of Tom Clancy’s novels will be pleased that season four won’t be the end of the Ryan universe, even if Jack hangs up his holster. In May 2022, deadline Amazon has confirmed that the season will end on a fourth season, and spin-offs are reportedly already planned, including one starring Michael Peña.

Peña is best known for his roles Narcos: Mexico and Ant-Man, Clancy will join the cast in the fourth season as Ding Chavez, a character familiar to readers of the novels. He is a CIA officer in LA who has appeared in many of the Jack Ryan books and was a character in 1994. A clear and present danger Film adaptation (he was played by Raymond Cruz).

There’s also a familiar face returning for the final season Jack Ryan Not seen since the first season – Cathy Muller, Jack’s lover, played by Abbie Cornish.

As fans know, Cathy was never written out of the series and was with Jack at the end of the first season. She wasn’t in the second season – Jack mentioned he was single in one episode – and hasn’t been mentioned in the current third season either. However, deadline There is no word yet on how she will be reintroduced, but she will reportedly return for the fourth season.

Abbie Cornish, Jack Ryan

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The rest of the cast has yet to be confirmed, but we expect to see CIA agent James Greer (Wendell Pierce) and former agent Mike November (Michael Kelly) return for the final season, as they both survived the final episode of season three.

Jack Ryan Season 4 Plot: What Happens?

The third season shares some similarities with Tom Clancy’s book The Hunt for Red October, and could use one of Clancy’s other books as the basis or starting point for a fourth season. However, since there are 21 novels (some co-written by Mark Greaney, Mike Madden and Mark Cameron with Tom Clancy, others by Greaney and Grant Blackwood after Clancy’s death in 2013) any one can be used as a blueprint. One’s guess. For the final term.

Of course, the plot is being kept under wraps as a classified CIA document, but the return of Jack’s love interest from season one, Kathy Mueller, may hint at an important part of the story. In the novels, she becomes Jack’s wife, so we could see a wedding in season four – maybe that’s Jack’s happy ending at the end of the series?

We also know that Jack teams up with fellow agent Ding Chavez (Michael Pena) before Chavez’s character gets his own spin-off series.

Whether other beloved characters like Greer and Mike will be in the action, or where the series is set, remains to be seen.

Jack Ryan season 4 trailer: Any footage yet?

Season three just dropped on Amazon Prime, so it’s unlikely we’ll see a trailer for season four until spring 2023 anytime soon. Of course, once it’s released, we’ll have it here, so don’t forget to check back for updates.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Seasons 1-3 are now available on Prime Video.

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