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The new hit Netflix show Wednesday Almost never received anything but praise. Fans of the original series and the film adaptations starring Christina Ricci were glued to their televisions watching their favorite gothic character.

Wednesday and friends
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Wednesday One of the most anticipated Netflix shows of 2022.

Add to that the fact that Tim Burton, making his television directorial debut on Wednesday, was attached to the project as a producer and director. Of course, once Netflix revealed the first look of Jenna Ortega in the iconic Mercury Adams dress, it got fans very excited.

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Within the first five days of streaming, the show had over 340 million hours. But in the second week, it rose to just over 411 million hours. Compared to some other Netflix hits Stranger Things, Dahmer, And Squid games, Wednesday It has the potential to become one of the biggest Netflix originals ever.

There are so many things left unanswered at the end of season 1 that a second season is almost inevitable and needed at this point.

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Questions like:

  • Who is Mercury’s Hunter?
  • Who will be the next principal of Nevermore?
  • What Happens to Laurel (Fabulous Wednesday of the 90s)?
  • Will Bugsley join Nevermore?
  • What will happen to Tyler?
Students who are no more
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Mercury was giddy the second she turned on her new phone, realizing she already had a stalker. Having a very limited online presence makes it all the more impressive. This person must be from Nevermore or Jericho.

With the death of Larissa Weems, there are no more people to fill the chancellor’s place. Especially at a school like Nevermore. The obvious answer is Morticia. Now that could be a whole series—Wednesday trying to get rid of her mother.

Larissa Weems
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What will happen to Laurel as her true identity is revealed and her plans foiled? Will Tyler find a way to help his master? Or is she completely done?

Credit: Netflix

Moving back to Morticia could be the new principal—which means the whole family is moving. Also, it means that Bugsley will be joining his sister in Nevermore. Her family, who are with her at school every day, don’t know how well Wednesday will respond.

Last we saw of Tyler; He was chained and headed for jail or a mental institution. Not that they’re going to go far enough that we’ll see him turn into Hyde.

Many plot points remain unanswered. A second season seems a must at this point.

What do you think? Want a second season?

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