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Elsa Majimbo (1.4 million TikTok followers, 2.5 million Instagram followers) rose to fame from her bedroom in Kenya, and later dropped out of college. Now, the comedian, chess champion and influencer is living her best life on the West Coast. “You’d need someone to physically drag me out of LA,” she said of her new home. Last week, however, he came to New York City to stop by Aerie’s Christmas event at the company’s store on Lexington Avenue. There, she took some time to talk about her rise to social media stardom and fashion favorites from cozy pajamas to Valentino.

Tell us about TikTok that changed your life?

“Covid just came. I was living in Kenya, dead. I had nowhere to go. And I was just in my room. And I said, ‘Covid hits, and everyone says they can’t wait.’ [to see each other], they are missed. And I said, ‘This is a blessing! Are you kidding me? I can stay away from you! And I have a valid reason.” And I put that. Everyone was like, “Oh, this is so much fun.” I said, “Okay, great.”

So what happened?

“After that, I decided I never wanted to go back to school. I was [in college] in my first year, second semester. And I said, “This is my way out.” I took it and ran with it.”

So now what?

“Now, I make money!”

How are you making money?

“I’m working with brands, working in fashion: dressing up, partying and getting paid to do it. I already do those things for free! Fashion is a way to express yourself and be who you want to be. And that’s what I’m about.

What have been some fun fashion moments since becoming an influencer?

“Pierpaolo [Piccioli] get dressed [for the Met Gala 2021]. My first collaboration was with Valentino, and I have a book with them”.

What’s the craziest thing in your wardrobe right now?

“”I have this Valentino bag in my closet – it’s very expensive. I’ve never used it!”

What are your best shopping tips?

“If you don’t like it in the store, don’t buy it. If it’s too big or too small, don’t buy it. You must be absolutely obsessed with it. If it’s too expensive and you think it’s too much, buy it. You’re going to take such good care of him!”

What’s one big investment you’ve made since making it big?

“I’m 100% a Gucci girl. I love Gucci so much. They have to give me some money. I’m spending too much money in that store. But I bought this little bag and I absolutely hate it. That bag was so expensive, and I can’t even fit my phone in . I’m so sorry. It’s just in my closet now.”

What’s your best affordable shopping tip?

“I don’t know, I never check the price.”

Why did you want to work with Aerie?

“Most of Aerie’s clothes are cozy, for sleeping. [They say] “I’m going to stay in bed, I feel lazy.” That’s 100% me.”

What else are you working on now?

“I’ve got a couple of things going on, including a couple of shows and movies. I’m working on brand campaigns and ad campaigns. And at night, depending on the day, I either go out partying or stay home with my boyfriend and smoke weed.”

Which one do you like more?

“Staying at home with my boyfriend smoking weed.”

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