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France Televisions, France’s broadcasting group, launched Slash, a niche platform for skiing millennials, as part of an effort to keep its brand relevant among younger audiences. In five years, the service has become France’s largest showcase of bold scripted content created and starring diverse talent.

Slash, accessible on the pubcaster’s streaming service and headed by former screenwriter Sened Dhab, continues to deliver successful shows. Recent examples include Noé Debré’s Brexit-themed political satire “The Parliament,” Simon Boosen’s thriller about cyberbullying “Stock,” and “Scam,” a local adaptation of a Norwegian series about teenage problems.

Although the site’s content is primarily aimed at teens and young adults, many shows are popular with older demographics. Thab said Variety The programs commissioned by Slash stand out because they have a “serious, engaging and different tone” than the series broadcast on French television’s linear channels.

“We don’t have the same budget as the series made for France Televisions linear programming, so we emphasize having strong ideas with a clear marketing hook, and we are interested in projects that are locally based in terms of their social and cultural themes,” said Dhab, adding that the command of the platform, It’s about showcasing diverse, emerging talent in front of and behind the camera.

Having a local flavor hasn’t stopped the Slash series from going overseas and attracting remake options. An English-language remake of “Stock” is currently being developed by Endeavor Content, along with Drake’s DreamCrew and Ben Stiller’s Red Hour Broads. The show has been purchased in over 70 territories. Another slash title, “Derby Girl,” is about a fallen figure A skating star who sets out to become a roller derby world champion is being remade in England

Banner recently commissioned “Split,” a contemporary comedy series directed by well-respected French feminist writer Iris Bray with an exciting cast headed by Jenny Beth, Alma Jodorowsky, Ralph Amosou and Pauline Chalamet.

Written by Bray and Clemence Madeleine-Berdrillat, “Split” revolves around Anna, a 30-year-old stuntwoman who falls in love with a famous actress while on set.

The five-part series, produced by Fabien Servan Schreiber and Charlotte Ortiz at Cinette, will begin shooting on September 26.

Slash has also ordered “Grand Palais” and “Disco Queens,” a pair of high-concept series that underscore the site’s ambition to experiment with different genres.

“Disco Queens” is a period social comedy created and co-written by Mohamed Benyekhlef. Set in 1980s Paris, the series revolves around two young immigrants who are forced into marriage against all odds and decide to live their lives independently within the Parisian nightlife.

“Grand Palais” is a rap-filled romantic comedy set in a French hookah lounge on the brink of closure under the district’s gentrification plans. Popular rapper Elams is performing in this show. Created by Florent Sass (“Chronique de la Jungle”), the series is produced by Easy Tigers, the Golden Camera-winning “Divines” banner of Howda Benjamina. Souz is directing “Grand Palais” with Anisa Allali.

Slash recently delivered “Sisters” (pictured), an urban musical comedy about a teenage girl and her two friends trying to track down the man responsible for her brother’s assault. The female leads of the series, Ines Ouchaaou, Assa Sylla and Charlie Loiselier won the joint prize at this year’s Series Mania. Lisland Films produced the series, created by Jerome Larcher and Catherine Regula.

Taub said Slash currently has 15 to 20 shows in development. “Typically, we go into manufacturing 50% to 60% of what we produce,” the executive said.

Slash works with third-party producers on each show because France’s antitrust restrictions prohibit TV channels from producing locally, but Thab said he is always involved in the content from development to post-production.

As Slash explores new causes, Thab said he’s willing to work with co-producers to access slightly bigger budgets. The platform currently has two series that are being developed as possible international co-productions, notably “Shelter Market”. The series is a dystopian thriller based on a comic book by Chantal Montellier and is set inside a mall where customers are mysteriously trapped. Niels Rahu (“Scam”) is writing the adaptation with Joel Nsida (“Ice Doubt Begins”) and Charlotte Vechit (“Scam”). Derby Girl”).

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