Former Grey’s Anatomy writer admits to faking cancer | Bot To News

“Grey’s Anatomy” has graced the television screens of many fans since it first premiered in 2005.

The show, which ran for 18 seasons, had an interesting storyline over the years, thanks to committed writers.

But the bigger story is not shown on screen, but behind the scenes.

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Former ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ writer, Elizabeth Finch, has admitted to faking her cancer diagnosis.

Finch’s work spans not only “Grey’s Anatomy” but also “The Vampire Diaries,” “True Blood” and “No Ordinary Family.”

But Finch is known for more than his contributions to these shows.

Before being hired on Grey’s Anatomy, Finch began publishing online essays documenting her harrowing journey with her diagnosis.

Finch said he was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer that cost him a kidney and part of a leg.

Finch also described how intense rounds of chemotherapy forced her to miscarry her baby.

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