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A real girl in a pink sweatshirt and a shirt that says "Forever" is shown next to an avatar wearing the same virtual outfit.

Anyone can stick “forever” to a piece of clothing. The avatar looks great though.
picture: Forever 21 / VBG

i have heard about how metaverse fashion it has been the future for a long time. I’m not convinced, though I was intrigued when I received an email about the first Forever 21″inspired by the metaverse” IRL collection. I may not be willing to give up mine money for virtual clothes yetbut the real clothes inspired by the online virtual worlds looked like to great idea.

Launched in December, the F21 Metaverse collection, as it’s officially called, consists of three actual pieces of clothing (a hoodie, a t-shirt, and a beanie) in black and pink with the word “Forever” highlighted in black or white text As Prada demon Miranda Priestly would (sarcastically) say, that sure is “breaking.” Pricing for the real world elements they range from $14.99 to $29.99 and can be purchased at the e-store online.

In one press release, Forever 21 said the collection was “designed with elements from the brand’s virtual offerings.” Notably, the “Forever” beanie included in the collection is Forever 21’s best-selling product. online storecalled Shop City, in Roblox. In addition, the company was releasing a new limited edition virtual item on Roblox every day in Decemberwhich will only be available for purchase for 24 hours.

“Using Roblox as a testing ground, Forever 21 has shown that there is an appetite for its offerings inside and outside of social gaming,” the company said in the statement, noting that Gen Z users base their avatar style on their IRL style. “Forever 21 is currently working on ways to connect virtual and physical elements through ‘fixital’ experiences.”

But hfirst of all, this”phygital” (what a rude word, damn) the collection is pretty boring. If you take off the cap, which is an ordinary cap, although cute, it fits well inside fashion norms: Nothing about the collection would indicate that it was inspired by the metaverse. It would just be another batch of designer clothes.

I’m not exactly sure Forever 21 is entirely to blame here. The company designed the F21 collection for a customer in today’s physical world. Perhaps, for a line inspired by the metaverse, it should push the boundaries and venture into new territory. It’s not like I don’t have ideas. Brand accessories at Shop City, including yours headbands, pendinge sunglassesare delicious She also has jewelry like hers “Space Graduation Dress”, which I could have totally used as a colorful starting point for new products.

Also, the virtual items it is launching alongside the collection packs a punch in terms of creativity and originality. There’s a candy and cake themed hat, a bejeweled spiked face cap and an ‘Ice Queen’ cap. I’d be much more excited to see any of these items IRL instead of “Forever” branded clothing.

I’m not surprised that this metaverse-inspired collection turns out to be more than anything we’ve ever seen.. Forever 21 is a fast fashion company, after all. You don’t usually set future trends, follow them. That seems be true for the metaverse, too.

Click through to see the F21 Metaverse collection and some of the limited edition virtual Forever 21 items will be released on Roblox throughout the month of December.

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