First Weather Alert: Sunday Wednesday, then a sloppy winter mix develops later this week | Bot To News

ROCHESTER NY We will see a calmer bright but cold day Wednesday with highs in the low to mid 30’s under a mix of clouds and sun.

Thursday starts out dry, so our morning commute should be smooth, but a messy mix plays out from south to north, from late morning to early afternoon. This will likely include everything from wet snow to sleet to a bit of freezing rain.

We are working out the details about which locations will see more of which type of precipitation, as the temperature profile of the atmosphere will be borderline for each type of precipitation, making the forecast very close.

If we switch to snow faster, we’ll likely see a few inches of dense, wet snow on the ground for the afternoon drive. If we see less snow, we’ll have to deal with a slippery layer of sleet or ice, but this seems to be mostly the case west and south of Rochester in the South Western Tier.

Either way, we expect Thursday night’s ride to be affected by the winter weather ahead. Wet snow will continue through most of the night, but the fluff factor will be low and the water content high, meaning you’ll wake up to heavy, wet snow Friday morning.

At this point, we also expect Friday morning travel to be affected by some of this wet snow, so a yellow alert remains in effect for Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. This will not be a major winter storm for our area, but rather a modest storm with moderate roadway impacts.

Snowfall is likely to come in under 6 inches across most of our area, but we will adjust the numbers as precipitation types become a bit clearer. After the area-wide system moves in later on Friday, we will focus on the lake effect of Lake Erie on Saturday and Sunday, which may impact the Bills’ game at Orchard Park on Saturday night. night. Stay tuned!

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