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(Pocket-lint) – The Echo Show 15 is the largest of the Echo Show devices, making it extremely useful as an additional wall-mounted display in your home.

The big screen is the best device for consuming video, so it’s no surprise that Amazon announced that it’s getting the full Fire TV experience at its September 2022 launch event.

For those who own the Echo Show 15, that update has just arrived, and here’s everything you need to know about it.

What is Echo Show 15?

The Echo Show 15 is the largest of the Echo Show devices, so named because it has a 15-inch display. It’s a flat device, perfect for wall mounting, although you can also get a stand for it if you want it on a surface.

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What is Fire TV?

Fire TV is the name Amazon uses for its TV devices. This includes the likes of the Fire TV Stick, but there are also Fire TVs โ€” televisions that serve the same platform. Fire TV’s mission is to provide a full range of streaming services, using a great interface that lets you quickly jump to different sources or pick up where you left off.

How to get Fire TV update for Echo Show 15?

If you have an Echo Show 15, the update should have happened automatically. Otherwise, go to Settings > Device Options > Check for software updates.

It will manually check if you have the update so you can install it. We saw that the update came automatically.

Echo Show 15 sets up Fire TV

Your Echo Show 15 prompts you to set up the Fire TV experience. You will see various features of Fire TV appear on the home screen, tap on it and it will start the setup process.

To begin, tap Start.

You will be asked to select the streaming services you use such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Video. These apps will then be installed to appear on the Fire TV user interface.

You’ll want to buy an Alexa remote

The next step is to set up the control. Echo Show 15 allows you to connect Fire TV remote and it is recommended to use Alexa Voice Remote (3 gen) for best results. You can buy additional remotes – you don’t have to use the same remote you have elsewhere in the house.


You can pair it with the Echo Show 15 by following the on-screen instructions. If you’re planning to use the Echo Show 15 as a Fire TV device, you’ll want that remote, as the supplied TV apps don’t offer full touch controls โ€“ as they’re designed for televisions.

Using the Alexa Voice Remote is the same experience as on your TV, and everything is much easier.

Or you can opt for a virtual remote, which gives you on-screen controls, though you’ll need to use it to navigate the on-screen buttons, which involves a lot of tapping and selecting. Try using a virtual remote to enter your email address to sign in. You’ll probably want to use a physical Alexa remote instead.

Once you’ve completed those steps, you’ll be ready to jump into Fire TV.

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Logging into your existing services

Of course, you’ll need to sign in to your accounts for services other than Amazon before you can view anything. Since you signed in to your Amazon account when you set up the Echo Show 15, you already have access to Amazon Video.

But for other services you use, you must have a subscription and then follow the on-screen instructions to log in.

Just like on any other Fire TV device, you can watch anything you want.

Other controls for Fire TV on Echo Show 15

Outside of the Fire TV environment, there are additional controls you can access on the Echo Show 15. You’ll find options to go into settings, control remotes and run a guided setup – but you’ll also find parental controls here, so you can restrict the purchase of TV content, for example.

You can also control your live TV channels with these additional settings.

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Written by Chris Hall.

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