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Prime Video will air Monday-Friday at 10:00 AM. “Sports Talk,” a new, original sports-talk programming block that airs live from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST, recently debuted. Prime Video customers in the US can access “Sports Talk” anywhere Prime Video is available to stream without requiring a Prime membership.

“Sports Talk” complements the thousands of live sporting events Prime members already watch each year on Prime Video. Thursday Night Football and premium sports channels that Prime members can purchase, such as NBA League Pass, MLB.TV, and NBA TV. “Sports Talk” will be available as an express channel on Amazon Freevee and through Amazon’s new live radio app, Amp, where fans can access audio from shows in real time.

The “Sports Talk” slate includes seven new, daily shows: Bonjour! Sports talka panel show featuring Madeleine Burke, Ben Lyons and a rotating weekly guest host; Cari Champion Showwith host Cari Champion; Game Breakerswith hosts Eitan Levine and Drexton Clemons; From Master T’s deskwith host Master Tesfatsion; power hourswith host Rennae Stubbs; The greatest hour of all time, rebroadcasting the best hours of programming from the day; and Backup plan, with hosts Hana Ostapchuk and Jason Spells. Full 12 hour programming segment daily from 8 pm to am. will be rebroadcast until 8 EST and the previous week’s episodes will also air throughout the weekend.

Here’s more information about each show.

‘Bonjour! Sports Talk’

those Bonjour! Sports talk The panel will deliver a positive, upbeat and agenda-setting narrative each morning, supported by a news desk providing up-to-the-minute stories from around the world. The aim of the show is to widen the net for dialogue, access and analysis.

hours: 8-10 p.m. EST (Rebroadcast 10 a.m.-noon EST)

Host(s): Madelyn Burke, Ben Lyons, and a rotating weekly guest host

Kit: New York City (In Studio)

‘The Cari Champion Show’

Cari Champion Show A crossover show for any sports and culture fan. Cari Champion gives fans an unprecedented and direct look at sports and the role they play in our everyday lives. It allows viewers to feel like they’re joining friends’ conversations about the latest news, but encourages them to learn more about the topics from a direct and tactile perspective.

hours: Noon-pm 2 EST

Kit: Los Angeles (Studio)

‘Game Breakers’

Eitan Levine and Drexton Clemons are a comedy duo whose jokes and insights never fail to take their audience on a refreshingly unexpected and informative journey. As New York-based writers and comedians, the two friends will offer a unique perspective on the sports world and their natural intersection with music, culture and New York life.

hours: 2-4 pm EST

Host(s): Eitan Levine, Drexton Clemons

Kit: New York City (In Studio)

‘From Master T’s Table’

From Master T’s desk Master Tesfatsion’s youth inspiration includes sports and culture and his ability to connect with athletes’ stories. Tesfatsion allows athletes to express themselves, which pushes media-trained athletes beyond their textbook answers.

the host: Master Tesfatsion Hours: 4-5 pm EST

Kit: remote

‘Power Hour’

power hours, along with host Rennae Stubbs, will showcase her enthusiasm and expertise, and highlight her love for the cultural aspects of professional sports. Stubbs’ vast experience as an athlete and commentator gives her the ability to connect with athletes and her audience. She asks tough questions, but remains smart and charming.

the host: Rennae Stubbs Hours: 5-6 pm EST

‘The Greatest Hour of All Time’

Stuck in the office? Busy with work and missing your favorite “Sports Talk” show? The greatest hour of all time Provides the best program hours from the day so you don’t miss anything.

hours: 6-7pm EST

‘backup plan’

Backup plan “Sports Talk’s” will play the best moments from its full slate of daily programs. With a casual late-show setup, it’s just two dudes making sure you’re covered with the headlines you need to know and the sports stories that enter pop culture. As the only evening show on the slate, these hosts highlight moments of the day while keeping it light and funny.

the host: Hana Ostapchuk, Jason Spells

hours): 7-8 pm EST

Kit: New York City (In Studio)

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