Economic Effects of Pandemic Moderation – WABE | Bot To News

When the pandemic hit, businesses had to adapt quickly to stay alive.

After almost three years, some sectors have prospered while others have been hit hard. Although for many this initial influx or decline in customers has begun to slow down, there could be more shocks to come.

In 2021, we spoke with Dan McCarthy, assistant professor of marketing at Emory’s Goizuetta Business School, about how meal delivery services have experienced their feast and famine.

Today “everything is thought out” checked back with Professor McCarthy on how companies have fared since then.

McCarthy says there has been a drop in e-commerce, which could benefit consumers as online retailers look to lure customers with deals.

He says one of the sectors that has seen the most volatile changes is with meal delivery companies, which are estimated to now have 45% more business than they would have without the pandemic.

On the other hand, gym memberships are 30% lower than expected, even after most social distancing measures are relaxed.

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