Don Horton, Akifusa Nakazawa and Vipsaw’s Wei Gu have designed a sleek and stylish ultra-short-throw projector that’s the perfect replacement for televisions in small spaces. | Bot To News

San Jose, California, USA

Designers Whispaw, Dan Harden, Akifusa Nakazawa, Wei Gu have made the ultra-short-throw HiSense projector one of the smallest designs yet, without compromising on aesthetics.

The Hisense projector was awarded the 2021 Good Design Award by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Center for Architectural Art Design and Urban Studies.

Ultra-Short-throw (UST) projectors are a new type of television that can display up to 150ʺ larger screen sizes than conventional televisions.

An ultra-short throw projector uses a combination of wide-angle lenses and mirrors to project an image onto the screen/wall in front of it.

‘Ultra-short’ is a key part of this projector’s capabilities.

Unlike other projectors, it does not have to sit at a distance to project its image onto a screen, reducing the amount of space required for installation.

These laser projectors can be placed directly against a wall or on a table surface, so you can enjoy a large image in a small space without having to hang the projector from the ceiling.

That means ultra-short throw projectors are a great choice for smaller rooms or those who don’t have the space or capacity for a more permanent installation.

The combination of laser technology and high brightness means that an ultra short throw projector can compete well against washing out ambient light.

Other advantages of USTs that use laser projection technology are that they last longer than projectors that use bulbs or LEDs, and the image quality is sharper, crisper, and more colorful, especially useful for HDR sources.

Hisense engaged the design team to explore and strategize how to educate the market about this exciting technology.

Throughout the project, the primary goal was to innovate product architectures that were compact enough to compete with standard TVs.

Additionally, designers wanted to create aesthetic solutions that would excite internal stakeholders and ultimately end users.

Project: Hisense Projector
Designers: Don Horton, Akifusa Nakazawa, Wei Gu, Vipsaw, Inc.
Manufacturer: Hisense

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