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The Denver Broncos have had a major impact on Denver’s local community throughout the year. On Monday evening, senior safety Kareem Jackson and various teammates gave back to a large group of youngsters ahead of the holidays.

Kareem Jackson runs a successful annual ‘Shop with a Jack’ event with the Denver Broncos.

From a football perspective, this Broncos season is not what anyone could have imagined, but often lost within the business side of football is the impact players still make on members of their local communities. The Denver Broncos continue to spend countless hours giving back to the community, which earned them ESPN’s Humanitarian Team Award.

On Monday evening, Kareem Jackson and various Broncos teammates spent time with more than 50 local youth from the Boys and Girls Club of Denver, ages 6-17. Jackson’s event was made possible by a partnership with Walmart that gave each child a $100 gift card, dinner, a special shirt from the event and a shopping experience with Jackson and his teammates.

For the 13-year veteran of the Broncos, the event has been his hallmark every year he’s been in the league.

“It means a lot this time of year,” Jackson said Monday during his ‘Shop with a Jack’ event. “Some kids might be able to give Christmas, some kids might not get some presents, but it means a lot to me to do that in the Denver community.”

Jackson’s ‘shop with a jack’ incident created the moment he entered the National Football League as a first-round draft pick, something that has meant a lot to him every year.

“Vacations are big for me,” Jackson said. “Think about family, think about being able to open Christmas presents as a kid, parents who were lucky enough to be able to bless me and be in the situation I’m in. It’s my platform to give back to some of the less fortunate kids. It means a lot. This time of year, when I think about Christmas, ​I feel for the kids, they deserve to be happy in these situations.

Justin Simmons, PJ Locke, Eric Chabert, Will Sherman, Netane Muti, Alex Singleton and Tim Patrick were in attendance. For Jackson, having his teammates out meant a lot to him, and he hopes it will inspire them to do similar events throughout their careers.

Each player was assigned a group of young children to shop throughout the store, where the toys and video game aisle were most popular. Bright smiles spread throughout the night as players spent time with each youth in attendance.

Although professional athletes are constantly analyzed through the microscope of successes and failures, what really matters is that we all contribute to the fight against the dehumanization of the athletes who grace our televisions, because, beyond the sport they play, they impact many lives. Being off the field is more valuable than winning a game, and that was certainly evident on Monday evening.

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