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London, United Kingdom – (NewMediaWire) – December 11, 2022 – (King NewsWire) – With the explosive and rapid development of the derivatives market such as commodity futures in 2019, according to Coinmarketcap, the volume of electronic transactions reached USD 177 billion by April 2022, an increase of 123.8% over 2019 in 2020. , which is 111.8% higher than the 12% growth rate in 2018.

Founded in 2015, DailyIG is an online electronic platform for professional foreign exchange, commodity and index contract transactions within the IG UK Group, licensed by the Bermuda Monetary Authority. With offices in London, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Frankfurt, Melbourne, Krakow, Johannesburg and Singapore, we can meet and trade with clients from different countries of the world. As the world leader with the most diverse derivatives market, we execute an average of 1 billion contracts annually, worth approximately USD 100 billion.

Meanwhile, DailyIG has designed service standards and products with more local characteristics according to user habits in different regions and is one of the world’s leading electronic trading platforms for foreign exchange, commodity and index transactions.

DAILY IG Highlight Features
1. Financial instruments
DailyIG’s financial instruments enable global investors to make strategic decisions and accurately understand the development of financial markets.
2. Technical analysis
Daily IG’s research department is responsible for fundamental and technical analysis of foreign exchange rates, commodities, stock indices, macro and micro economics in the international financial market, providing users with original and high-quality financial news content and investment strategy analysis.
3. Online lectures
DailyIG’s senior analysts interpret the latest economic data events online daily, share market information and technical strategies, and provide interactive responses.
4. Advanced learning
DailyIG has tons of trading tutorials, from basic to advanced trading guides and advanced theory to practice tutorials. A large number of popular science articles on finance and economics have given you a better understanding of the market.

DAILY advantages of the IG platform

1. Financial security
Funds in your Platform Account will be subject to bank control and will exist as a separate account.
2. First class platform
Strong technical and algorithmic support enables clients to trade quickly on the platform while enjoying government oversight.
3. Large market volume
Trade over 18,000* markets, including a 24-hour index more than any other supplier, and you can trade anytime, anywhere, without the limitations of time nodes.

In order to diversify our customers’ investments, in January 2022, the company entered into strategic cooperation with Coinbase Wallet, Crypto Wallet, Trust Wallet and MetaMask Wallet. The platform is accessed directly from the digital currency exchange platform. Let global traders trade in the fastest and safest way, and provide clients with a better investment environment.

DAILY IG adheres to technology-enabled financing and continues to achieve asset security and asset value addition for its customers, aiming to become the fastest growing online technology transaction service provider in the world.

We have always been a pioneer in the industry and have received many awards. In our future development, we will continue to build on the industry-leading financial trading platform and devote ourselves to continuous innovation in artificial intelligence and trading technology to provide our customers with better online financial trading products. At the same time, we are committed to building a lasting and stable relationship with our customers, with our customers’ interests at the heart of our business model.

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telephone: 44 – (73) 83284432
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