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CONNECTICUT — The National Weather Service said a powerful coastal storm is expected to affect the entire state Thursday night and through most of Friday.

Currently, it appears that most of the snow will remain in our north. Current weather models show the storm will bring mostly rain to Connecticut and strong gusty winds.

However, both the weather service and local forecasters say the exact track of the coastal storm could change and winter impacts cannot be ruled out either.

“The latest trends indicate it could hug the coast, therefore we would see a variety of types,” Mark Dixon, WFSB 3 TV’s chief meteorologist, said with Scot Haney. “If you went further from the coast, this would be a snowier scenario. Conversely, if you went to the west (what we call an inland corridor), it would be a wetter scenario. The wind will also pick up as we close out the week “. (See the WFSB 3 TV weather forecast here.)

AccuWeather.com said the “worst of the storm” will be Friday. Once the storm is gone, the cold weather moves in and there will be “multiple days with highs in the 30s and overnight lows in the 20s in the offing for the next week.” (Read more forecast details at AccuWeather.com.)

Southern Connecticut forecast details via the National Weather Service

“The long-range forecast continues to have a shocking weather event for the Thursday through Friday overnight period.”

The weather service said we can expect “some precipitation to arrive mainly Thursday afternoon for western areas, spreading through the rest of the forecast area Thursday night… Exactly where this low develops and continues, it will have a significant impact on the kind of weather we’ll have.”

Most weather models show that the low pressure system will continue over the tri-state area, and this would produce a warmer and rainier outcome for the area. Inland sections of southern Connecticut may start with a brief period of freezing precipitation, but it is expected to transition to rain quickly. For now, the cities along the I-95 corridor are only expecting rain.

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From North Connecticut forecast details via the National Weather Service

The weather service said current patterns favor snow accumulation in northern Connecticut, especially in the highlands of western Massachusetts.

“Elsewhere, the odds favor cold windswept rain, especially on the coastal plain, where a low-level easterly jet…quickly erodes the cold air. This strong low-level jet can also translate into gusts up to 35-45 mph, so wind advisories may be needed for the coast,” the weather service said.

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