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By Alena Naiden

Updated: November 29, 2022 Posted: November 27, 2022

Cold temperature

Southcentral Alaska can expect cooler temperatures and sunny conditions this week after experiencing above-normal temperatures earlier this month.

“We are getting sunnier weather and clear skies, allowing us to clear up and cool down,” said Eddie Zingone, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Anchorage. “We’ve been above normal with our temperatures the last two weeks here.”

In Anchorage, high temperatures in the upper teens on Sunday and Monday will be followed by a forecast high of around 8 degrees on Tuesday. Low temperatures are forecast to be in the single digits or below freezing through at least Wednesday, Weather Service meteorologist Pamela Szatanek said. The lowest temperature for Anchorage this week, around 4 degrees below zero, is expected on Tuesday night.

“This is going to be a real taste of winter,” Szatanek said.

Similar conditions are expected at Mat-Su this week.

Cold, clear weather in Southcentral will coincide with higher-than-usually expected aurora activity this week, according to the forecast of the Geophysical Institute. The Kp index, which corresponds to the disturbance of Earth’s magnetic field caused by the solar wind, will remain at 4 or higher, reflecting the potential for active aurorae, through Friday morning.

The forecast shows a Kp index of 5, reflecting high aurora activity, from Tuesday night through Wednesday morning.

“It’s been very active lately,” Szatanek said of the aurora activity. “Many space weather scientists have been predicting that this would be an active year for the auroras.”

After a cold snap this week, the Anchorage area is forecast to warm to above-normal temperatures again in a week or two, Zingone said.

Other regions of Alaska were forecast to receive snow early this week, including King Salmon and other parts of Bristol Bay, Kodiak Island and the Kuskokwim River Delta. At the Anchorage Bowl, no snow is expected until at least Thursday, Szatanek said.

“Weather wise, I can tell you we need it now,” Szatanek said of the snowfall. “We are behind on snow cover.”

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