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Airports are also being affected, with both Gatwick and Stansted having to close their runways to clear snow on Sunday. The latter said:

The London Stansted Airport runway is currently closed to allow for snow removal due to weather conditions and all flights are currently suspended. Flight delays have previously been experienced due to aircraft de-icing, which is the responsibility of the ground operator and the safety of the aircraft and passengers is paramount. Passengers are advised to check with their airline for the current status of their flights.

Gatwick tweeted:

Sunday 11/ Monday 12 December: Snow and icy weather can cause disruptions at the airport. Passengers are advised to check the flight status with their airline, as well as local travel conditions, before departing for the airport.

— Gatwick Airport LGW (@Gatwick_Airport) December 11, 2022

The airport is open and flights are operating, however snow and icy weather is causing some delays and cancellations at the airport today. Passengers are advised to check the flight status with their airline, as well as local travel conditions, before departing for the airport.

— Gatwick Airport LGW (@Gatwick_Airport) December 12, 2022

Distribution of newspapers, including The Times and The Sun, experienced significant disruption overnight that may lead to delivery delays “in many parts of the country.”

News UK said severe weather in the south-east of England had affected Newsprinters in Broxbourne.

We apologize to retailers and customers who are unable to obtain a copy of their regular newspaper. Newspaper printers will make continued efforts to deliver newspapers to retailers on Monday. Follow our websites and apps for news and more updates.

National Highways is asking road users in south east England not to travel unless essential, due to heavy snowfall overnight, with up to 10cm of snow forecast.

Kent was being hit particularly hard, with snow severely impacting the M2, the M20 around junctions 8 and 9, as well as the A21 and A249, with drivers struggling to get through, the organization said. Speaking last night, Carreteras Nacionales service operations manager for the region gina oxleysaid:

We have been working all afternoon and we continue to treat the routes in order to reach the most affected areas and support our clients on their trips.

For anyone thinking of traveling tonight our advice would be not to unless absolutely essential as heavy snowfall is expected to continue until 9am

cameron mcvittiea West Midlands Ambulance Service tactical commander, said:

Upon rescue, the four children were taken under blue lights to the hospital with an advanced care team. Two were taken to Birmingham Children’s Hospital and two to Heartlands in Birmingham. All four children were in critical condition upon arrival.

Unfortunately, the children in the water went into cardiac arrest and were on advanced life support en route to the hospital.

It was heard at the press conference that one of the policemen suffered mild hypothermia and is making a full recovery in hospital.

Four children have been taken to hospital in critical condition after being rescued from a lake in Solihull in the West Midlands, having fallen through the ice on Sunday afternoon. Richard StantonWest Midlands Fire and Rescue Service Area Commander, said:

We know that the weather forecast for the next few days is expected to be very cold. Please adults and children alike stay out of open water, under no circumstances venture onto the ice, regardless of how thick or safe you think this ice may be.

The children were pulled from the water in cardiac arrest while a search operation was launched amid fears two other children were involved in the incident.

Emergency services were called to Babbs Mill Park in Kingshurst, a nature park in Solihull, at 2:36pm on Sunday. Last night, Stanton said in a press conference:

When our firefighters arrived, several police officers and members of the public were in the water trying to reach and rescue the children.

Our crews went into the water, swam to the first child, and our specialist-trained firefighters, including technical rescue, rescued three more children.

The children were pulled from the water where they received immediate life-sustaining care from firefighters and our ambulance colleagues.

He later added that “they realized there were up to six people in the water” when firefighters arrived.

Thus, after rescuing the four children, we have continued with the search and rescue operation to confirm if there were any more in the water. The specialized medical advice that we have been given on site, given the temperature of the water, given the age of those who entered the water and the time they have been there, it would no longer be a search and rescue operation.

Transportation advisories as snow falls

The travel disruption is expected to hit Monday morning rush hour, with yellow warnings for ice, fog and snow across much of the UK.

The Met Office issued the alerts as temperatures were expected to stay well below freezing overnight and combine with winter showers to create icy conditions. Forecasters say problems from snow, ice and fog are likely to persist throughout the week.

Snowfall Sunday night forced airports to close runways and left drivers scrambling to get through.

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