Coca-Cola launches holiday movie series on Amazon Prime Video | Bot To News

As consumer habits shift from linear TV to streaming and digital video, with many paying for an ad-free experience, “Christmas Always Finds a Way” is an example of how brands are looking to innovate and reach consumers outside the traditional 30 . – Second places. Currently, Prime Video does not offer ad-supported subscriptions to its Prime content (it serves ads on content hosted by its FreeVee platform).

Gilbar said ad breaks were “a holdover in a fragmented way of media when people watch TV, but we’ve grown beyond that now. Audience behavior is changing and platforms like Prime Video are where you go to watch things. We believe there is a role for brands in that environment.

“From an Amazon Ads perspective, the ability to make this type of content discoverable and present it in a way that consumers can relate to it, engage with it, and make that whole process as seamless as possible will continue to be beneficial. To everyone involved,” said Tanner Elton, VP of US Sales for Amazon Ads.

Elton said that “Christmas always finds a way” to be presented on the Prime Video platform in exactly the same way and alongside other programs on the platform. And, it will be promoted on Amazon’s other platforms, such as Creative on Fire TV and Live Watch on Twitch.

Elton added that branded TV is “an opportunity for brands to connect with consumers in a different way. I think the main thing is that it should be true and relevant.

“Christmas Always Finds a Way” is Coke’s first experiment with “Real Magic Presents” — Careaga said the brand is “going to learn how people respond to it” as inspiration for how to innovate next.

“You can definitely expect some new ideas in 2023, but this is our first step,” Careaga said. “You can expect some more new ideas in this space in the future and I hope it’s as exciting as this one.”

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