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Coast-to-coast storm could bring severe weather and blizzard to US

The FOX Forecast Center is closely watching a developing storm that is expected to bring nasty weather to much of the US next week. It begins with heavy snowfall in the mountainous west. From there, tornado storms and a possible blizzard are in the forecast as the storm moves east.

The setup for next week’s storm.
(FOX time)

The first snow of the season could soon fall in some Northeast cities

The holiday season conjures up images of running through snow for many in the Northeast, but so far it’s been a relatively snow-free season. That could change this weekend with a fast-moving system expected to bring packed snow to the region.

Average snowfall output for the Northeast.
(FOX time)

Weather Picture of the Day: Sunny Shores

FOX Weather’s Brandy Campbell captured this sunrise in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida this week. She was in the coastal town, which was hit hard by Hurricane Nicole in November, covering the discovery of a shipwreck that was unearthed by all the beach erosion that occurred during the storm.

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Mauna Loa’s lava has slowed to a snail’s pace

Mauna Loa, the world’s largest active volcano located on the Big Island of Hawaii, has been erupting for nearly two weeks. Since then, officials have been watching for lava heading toward a main highway connecting Hilo to Kona. Good news came Thursday when officials said the river of molten rock has slowed down.

Monarch butterfly population hits 20-year high in early count

Preliminary data from an annual count of monarch butterflies show that the population of orange and black insects has reached a 20-year high. The group responsible for the count tempered the good news, noting that the number of monarchs is now only 5% of what it was in the 1980s.

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